Pip, Squeak & Wilfred and their Secret Society

In the late 1910s, newspapers began to create children’s cartoon strips. The Daily Mail had Teddy Tail from 1915, the Daily Herald had Bobby Bear (1919) and in 1920 the Daily Express created Rupert Bear.

But it was the Daily Mirror who eventually had the greatest following with the adventures of Pip, Squeak and Wilfred that started in 1919 and lasted through to 1953.

The Adventures of Pip & Squeak

The stories were told by Uncle Dick and a comic supplement followed in 1921. But the genius that engaged children was a secret society – the Wilfredian League of Gugnucs, who had their own rules and means of identifying fellow members.

With this success a stream of merchandise followed: jigsaws, printing outfits, board games, soft toys and annuals (from 1923).

How many remember those Gugnunc days?

Discover the fascinating history of consumer culture from Victorian times to the present day at the Museum of Brands.

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