Open fireplaces

Can you remember when everything was done in front of an open fire: cooking, laundry, and sitting back with a newspaper? Who remembers making toast with a toasting fork? Did you have beef or butter dripping?

It’s time to bask in nostalgia’s warmth (or in the warmth of an open fire). Whether it was toasting chestnuts at Christmas, or jacket potatoes in the ashes, we cannot deny that food tasted better when cooked on an open fireplace.

Members of the Spring Chicken Community have been sharing their memories:

“Excuse me while I go off for a walk down memory lane where we had proper toasted crumpets for tea and REAL strawberry jam!”

“The good old days, when your mum could make a meal out of anything.”

“In the 40’s, there was a fireplace in a single room with me and my mum. My dad was in the war. People seemed closer then.”

Perhaps you remember bathing in a metal tub every Sunday night, or warming your clothes on a fireguard ready for school in the winter. Did you have to dry nappies in front of the fire, too?

“I loved the open fire, we have lots of happy family memories: making toast, baking potatoes, heating water. We used to sit with the light off and watch the flames dance. Some people had ‘fire tartan’ on their legs because they sat too close to the fire.”

The food may have been delicious, but central heating certainly does have its benefits:

“Until I had central heating I didn’t realise that my back had never been warm…” 

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