Itchy Memories – Nit Combs

Do you remember the nit nurse? Does the thought of the nit comb bring a tear to your eye?

Nitty Nora the Bug Explorer was phased out in the 90s, but there have been a lot of petitions to bring her back since.

Every so often, Nora would visit your primary school, wearing her white lab coat and stretching her fingers in preparation for a long day of searching for a head lice infestation.


Followers of the Spring Chicken Facebook Group have been sharing their itchy memories:

‘I always had long, thick hair, so it was horrendous.’

‘My mum used the nit comb on me and my brother every Friday night. If we had friends sleeping, they’d get checked too!’

‘I hated Nitty Nora coming to do our hair. The worst bit was at the end of the school day, when the teacher would hand out a note to some children for their parents. We all knew what that meant…’


Younger girls with perfectly neat plaits would dread having their hair checked. Of course, this meant that their hair bobbles were taken out first – and they would wander around the rest of the day with a tangled mess on their head!

Once the teacher had handed out the notes to inform parents that there was a lice outbreak, children avoided close contact with one another for a week and avoided sharing hats and brushes.

Did your mum try to comfort you by saying ‘they only go for clean hair’? Can you still smell the foul shampoo?

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