Meccano – The Toy of the Century

There was something intensely exciting about building a crane, a windmill or an aeroplane from a set of Meccano.

This was your own triumph, your creation, your working model – even though there were directions, you were the engineer and your imagination filled the contextual surroundings.

Meccano was an essential part of every schoolboy’s dream.

Originally called Mechanics Made Easy in 1901, the name was changed to the more snappy brand name of Meccano in 1907. The magazine followed in 1916.

Justifiably, by the 1950s Meccano claimed they were the ‘the toy of the century’.

Opening up a new box to reveal the gleaming contents was a wondrous moment, ‘it caters for that love of construction and experiment which keeps boys happy for hours on end, day after day,  year after year.

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