Love Letters

In the age of instant messaging, love letters have certainly evolved – but are they different when displayed on a glowing screen?

There was something special about waiting for the mail to arrive and tearing into an envelope sent from someplace else. Do you remember sitting in the corner of your room with a pen and a notepad, re-reading (over and over and over) the love note that you had spent all night composing?

The digital world allows expansion, but not without the cost of losing something dear: handwritten love letters.

The Spring Chicken Facebook community have been reminiscing on their childhood sweethearts:

‘During the 70’s, I had a lot of mail romances (I went to a boarding school)!’

‘I used to write to my husband. 37 years later, still going strong. We still have our love letters.’

‘Love letters can be kept forever, no matter what happens to the relationship. Texts and emails are so impersonal.’

…And we know that abbreviations didn’t begin in the 21st century.

Did you ever write these in your letters? Do your grandchildren know what they mean?

Be undressed ready my angel

Come home I’m pregnant

Hope our love lasts and never dies

I trust and love you

Sealed with a loving kiss

To us love is perfect

3 8 1
3 words 8 letters 1 word: I love you

Ever dear, ever near

Ever giving you precious thoughts

Better on lips than on paper

My ardent lips await your arrival


Although the meaning of some abbreviations have changed slightly:

‘I remember when LOL meant lots of love.’

‘Glad it’s not just me… I put it at the end of texts for years before my kids pointed out it now means laugh out loud!’

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