Ladybird Books: Once upon a time…

Do you remember your favourite Ladybird book? Was it Jack and the Beanstalk, The Elves and the Shoemaker, or Rumpelstiltskin? Can you remember the beautiful illustrations?

Once upon a time, in land far, far away, Ladybird books were a favourite among children, parents and teachers. The A5 hardbacks encompassed magical fairy tales, biblical and historical stories and informative non-fiction.

If you grew up as a child in England, it is likely that they were an unforgettable part of your childhood. Perhaps they were read to you at bedtime or on the carpet in the classroom – do you still have your old collection?


Members of the Spring Chicken community have been reminiscing on Ladybird Books:

‘I loved listening to these stories late afternoon at school. I have read them to my children and grandchildren, now, too.’

‘The artwork of these wonderful books enchanted me for hours – they still do!’

‘I liked them all, but Cinderella and Snow White were my favourites.’


The publishing company was founded during the First World War with the aim of publishing extraordinary fantastical stories for children. Ladybird books have always endeavoured to educate, while allowing a love for literature to flourish.

Now, over a century after Ladybird Books was founded, we can lovingly remind ourselves of the tales and charming illustrations that brilliantly embody the changing times of Britain.


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