I Spy – Everything you ever needed to know!

I’m sure that many of us remember the family playing I-spy on travel journeys. It was good fun and an amusing way of passing the time. Nowadays there are plenty of electronic wonders that do the same job, so I’m guessing that I-spy has dwindled in popularity.

Back in 1948, soon after the end of the Second World War, the idea of an I-Spy book first became a reality.

Hugely popular during the 1950s and 1960s, they were ideal for car and rail journeys.

The other advantage was that there was lots of interesting information in the books – perhaps replacing the knowledge contained on the back of the now extinct cigarette cards.

Every topic was covered.

Like so many children’s favourites, there was a club to join.

Termed as redskins, boys and girls could enrol into the Great Tribe, and they would then have an I-Spy Secret Code Book. This contained plenty of codes, tribal rules, a tribal certificate, and instructions on how to become a tribal recruiting officer (‘you will earn an Order of Merit and a feather’).

The greeting amongst members was, of course, ‘How!’.

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