Dan Dare

In the post-war space-age era, a hero emerged, Dan Dare. What made him so popular was the success of a new colourful comic, the Eagle.

Dan Dare Comic
EAGLE – Dan Dare Prisoner Of Space

It was launched in 1950, the inspiration of an Anglican vicar, Marcus Morris, who thought that older boys should have something more than crime comics imported from America. On the cover were the exploits of Dan Dare, pilot of the future, along with his companion Digby; their nemesis was a green blob called the Mekon.

Dan Dare Rocket Gun
Dan Dare – Rocket Gun

The Eagle was published every Wednesday and Dan Dare’s popularity rocketed – toy shops everywhere became inundated with space-age paraphernalia including the dan dare spaceship builder, all of which encouraged interest in science fiction.

Dan Dare
The Dan Dare Rocket Ball & Space Ship Builder
Dan Dare
Dan Dare Memorabilia

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