Cycling Proficiency Test

Do you remember pedalling around the playground for your cycling proficiency test? What score did you get? Have you kept your badge and certificate?

Back in the 50s, 60s and 70s – when everyone cycled everywhere – playgrounds would be turned into a mini-road system for children to be tested on their cycling proficiency. It was a staple extra-curricular activity and the triangular badge was certainly worn with pride!

The Cycling Proficiency Test consisted of cycling between bollards, memorising the Highway Code and learning how to keep the bikes in good mechanical order.

Members of the Spring Chicken Community have been sharing their first cycling memories:

‘I did mine when I was 11 in my last year of primary school. They laid out fire hoses to look like roads and junctions. I still have my certificate and badge!’

‘I taught cycling proficiency for 13 years in the 80s. The majority passed with flying colours – I hope they all remember what I taught them so that they can pass it onto their own children.’

While many students passed first time, there were, of course, a few who failed…

‘I failed mine. I didn’t know my left from my right.’

Do you remember your first bike? Can you remember the nerves you felt while practising your signalling arm? Did you revise the Highway Code in the weeks preceding your cycling proficiency test?

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