Caravan Holidays

Do you remember caravan holidays growing up? Did you visit Skegness, Great Yarmouth and Blackpool? Were you ever a member of the Caravan Club?

Back when life was simple – and fun was cheap – you’d pack some clothes and a few spam sandwiches before heading out with your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. The caravan holiday had begun.

An immense sense of freedom and the smell of calor gas/bacon near the seaside is enough for us to relive our childhood holidays.


The Spring Chicken Facebook community have been reminiscing on their holidays:

‘Our children loved spending time in our caravan in Great Yarmouth. We made wonderful memories. We still love caravan holidays and we now take the grandchildren.’

‘I always went to Clacton when we were small. I loved it… I still do!’

‘We now own a static caravan at the seaside and it’s magical. It certainly brings back a lot of childhood memories.’

Devon County Council have produced statistics that show that the number of static caravans peaked in the early 60s.

It was in fact the Sprite Alpine (launched in ’65) that was the most popular caravan at all. It was cosy, cheap and well-built: a perfect recipe for a summer holiday.

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