Back of the Bus: Hop on

Do you remember hopping on and off the back of the bus? Did you master the fine art of doing it in heels and a pencil skirt? Were you related to a conductor?

Back in the days of clippies, the back of the bus would be open for people to hop and off (if it wasn’t too full).

Clippies were a common asset to many services in towns and cities until the early 80s. The conductor communicated with the driver using two bells to start: ding ding!

Followers of the Spring Chicken Facebook group have been reminiscing on the old style of buses:

‘When I was 14, I remember seeing my 83-year-old great grandmother swinging from the back of the bus as the bus took off. I shouted trying to stop her getting on the bus, but she was deaf, so she couldn’t hear me.’

‘Remember jumping off the platform whilst the bus was turning a corner – I left one of my stiletto shoes behind!’

‘I used to conduct on buses. That bit of platform was my patch.’

Do you wish we still had old style buses?

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  • Oh the memories 🤗 My Aunty Fran was a clippie in London. Spent all my school holidays going from Derby down to stay with her. She’d been a comedienne on stage…a Carol Levis discovery….she did a great Over the garden wall sketch…she was so funny. I used to wave to her as her bus went up Clapham High Street….her trick was to shout Oo -oo then wave and look as if she was going to fall off the back but would then swing back round the pole! She was convincing people would gasp! Her second marriage was to her driver 😍 a wonderful much loved Aunt ❤️

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