Nothing sparkles like Babycham!

Ah, the sweet taste of nostalgia… and Babycham. Do you remember your first alcoholic drink?

Babycham was launched in 1953, with a target audience of young women who liked to go the disco on a Friday night. It was the first alcoholic drink to be advertised on television (and, for many, it was their first ever taste of alcohol).  Babycham truly is a blast from the past – and was certainly a blast in the 70s and 80s!

The sparkling drink was made from fermented pears and was served in a champagne saucer with a complimentary cherry. Yum.


Followers of the Spring Chicken Facebook Community have taken their taste buds on a stroll down memory lane:

‘Babycham was the first drink my husband bought me. We had a large bottle given to us yesterday for our 53rd wedding anniversary.’

‘Brandy and Babycham was my downfall. I can’t deal with the smell now.’

‘It was my first drink. I remember at my sister’s 21st birthday party, my mum let me have one – she didn’t realise they were alcoholic. I kept going back to ask her if I could have another and she kept saying yes. I think I had 4… I was quite merry!’


Have you kept your set of glasses adorned with the deer?


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  • My first drink was Dobonet lemonade I was 14 my mum let me have a drink we was on holiday in France I did look slot older at the time

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