A brief look into the history of toothpaste

There was a time when toothpaste tubes were made from metal and you gradually rolled up the tube to squeeze out the contents.

Nowadays we have become used to plastic tubes.

Here are some of those ‘old fashioned’ ones from the late 1960s – still full – that I saved in 1968, mostly priced between 2/3d and 2/8d. This was the decade when the buzz word was ‘fluoride’.

In 1962 Kolynos had introduced a fluoride variety, followed by Colgate two years later.

The novelty toothpaste was Signal with its antiseptic mouthwash visible in the stripes.

Others had their own additives, such as Mentasol with chlorophyll, Phillips with milk of magnesia, Colgate with Gardol (and its ring of confidence), and an ingredient called Irium in the “you’ll wonder where the yellow went” Pepsodent.

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