Ridiculous Lies We Believed Growing Up

Growing up can be a tricky period of our lives – we’ve all been there.

There is one part of growing up that is undoubtedly the worst, though. That’s when you inevitably come to the realisation that you’ve been lied to about stupid things.

And these lies came from the affectionate mouths of our parents.


Here’s a list of 14 lies we believed when growing up:

1.  If you eat a seed, a tree will grow in your stomach.

2. If you swallow gum, it’ll stay in your stomach forever. Better yet, it’ll wrap around your heart.

3. If the wind blows, your face will stay like that.

4. Your old family pet went to live on a farm (or, if your parents were creative, in a zoo).

5. If your dad was ‘allergic’ to dogs, perhaps your goldfish was flushed down the toilet to ‘go and live in the ocean’.

6. Your eyes will fall out if you sneeze with your eyes open.

7. You’ll get arthritis if you crack your knuckles.

8. If the ice cream truck plays music, it means it’s out of ice cream.

9. If you pee in the pool, the water will change colour.

10. You’ll get square eyes if you watch too much TV.

11. “I have eyes in the back of my head.”

12. If you eat your crusts, your hair will go curly.

13. When you lie, your ears turn red. Or your nose grows. Or you get a spot on your forehead that only your mum can see.

14. “We’re leaving without you!”


Looking back, perhaps we can only blame ourselves for being so naive.

Did you tell your children these, too? Are there any others your parents used to tell you?

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