Have Your Say On BBC TV Licensing Charge Hikes

In 2020 the BBC are taking over setting the licence fees from the government. As a result, the free licensing for over 75s is currently up for review.

The BBC is looking at several options;

1. Scrap free licence fees for over 75s.

2. Replace with a 50% concession for all over-75 households.

3. Increase the age threshold for eligibility to either 77 or 80 years old.

4. Means-test eligibility for the concession linking to pension credits.

What do you think could be a 5th option? Let us know in the comments below.

With costs for the free scheme set to top £745million by 2021/22 Lord Hall has announced a Public Consultation.

In a statement to the BBC, Director General Lord Hall said, “While the costs of the schemes are rising, so is the need for our programmes and content. We are looking at options for reform, what’s fair, what’s feasible,” .

In other words, pensioners will have to find another £3.20 a week, on top of all the other rising prices that eat away at their pensions. Whilst £3.20 a week doesn’t sound that much, as many pensioners know, trying to stretch an already beleaguered pension any further might be the final straw. Also with the likelihood being it is payable as a yearly fee the cost could be more than £170 in one go.

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to Share in our comments below and more importantly be sure to contribute to the Public Consultation.

The consultation period is running for 12 weeks from 20 November until 12 February.

The consultation is here if you want to respond…… Make sure you Share this link. HAVE YOUR SAY

The clock is ticking on free TV licences.



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    • Well done Audrey my sentamance too there programmes are rubbish anyway so why not put adverts in they will be more interesting than the poop they put on

      • I totally agree!!! scrap it for everyone! its another payment that’s taken from the poorly paid British public that there’s no need for-And what do the older generation get, after working all there life’s. even if you don’t scrap it all together-don’t make them pay!

    • The BBC used to be the gold standard for news and current affairs. Now it sees its role as an evangelist for political correctness and soft liberalism. IT HAS EFFECTIVLEY CENSORED ITSELF preventing informed discussion which might possibly offend anyone. The breakfast program, once the touchstone for news is now a chat show. Most of its output is cooking programs. It no longer has any right to ask for a special tax. As for the Clarkson debacle (Im not a fan of the man) it smacks of management by committee flavoured with a side order of incompetence. Financial suicide. The BBC has left the stage, you no longer have any point of contact with your typical core viewer/listener of ten years ago. You have become irrelevant. Scrap the licence fee and tune in to Aljazeera and CNN ; there’s a whole world out their. Bill Clark Norwich

    • Audrey you said it all… I think it’s a money scam too. Like u say put adverts on and stop grabbing money off the public. I’m sure the BBC would get more money through showing adverts. I could do without BBC. Its just another money scam for them and the government. Should be scrapped I think we all pay enough tax in thus country.

      • I agree with Audrey, why should the British people pay a fee to the government to use a piece of equipment they own in their own homes. This has always seemed immoral to me.

    • Why not give us all a fiver back everytime you show a repeat? After all weve already paid for it once! Im confident that we would get back more than we paid!

  • I think the bbc is outdated to charge this money to pensioners is disgraceful for 65 and over it should be free not taken away at 75 worked most of my life and got to pay out money to bbc and dont watch the channel much time to get rid of fee .

  • Stop paying presenters so much money.Also programmes on the BBC are rubbish and so many repeats.I now watch free view 99% of the time,so will not pay for a TV licence.Another thing,since the leave vote the BBC are blatantly biased and I now think they are controlled by the EU.

    • I agree. The programmes are rubbish and the BBC supported Brexit. The salaries of some of the presenters are immoral, £650k, £750k, and they don’t work very long each day!

      Both radio and TV are rubbish; Radio 4 used to be brilliant in the 1980s and 90s, but now they just rake in their archives for the oldest programmes they can find, there have been some as old as 1948 to dump on Radio 4 Extra, and some described as comedy which is patently untrue.

      • I agree with all your comments bar one. The Bloated Broadcasting Company NEVER supported Brexit. They have always supported the Remain option.

  • Leave the over 75’s alone!!!! Why should ANY of us have to pay for BBC why cant you be self productive through advertising/sponshorship like others?

  • Abolish the licence fee and have the BBC work for their funds then they might stop over paying their so called celebrities and managing directors!

    • Whole heartedly agree Stop paying these presenters and celebrities immoral salaries.I dont believe that any of these people deserve what they are overpaid !!! The Radio is equally as bad and I was shocked and disgusted to hear how much Zoe Ball and Graham Norton and the likes are paid so if I had a choice I think that these salaries should be re-addressed given a choice if they dont want to receive BBC broadcasting then you dont pay for it and it can be removed from your channel choices.

  • Advertisments to cover costs. Although they are annoying it’s better than the suggestion of doing away with free licences and would perhaps mean no one would need a licence which would save on admin too.

  • Why don’t they put on adverts the same as every other company.
    Why should we pay Sky, or Virgin, then pay BBC. They want the business. Go out and get the advertising.
    Why should we pay again.

  • The BBC should stop being funded by the licence. It is archaic in this day and age with the choice of providers available. People should be able to opt out and not have the BBC on their TVs.

  • The license fee should be abolished. The BBC is outdated and out of touch with ordinary people. I don’t know where they expect pensioners to get the extra money from. We may be pensioners but have same outgoings as others. Scrap it or leave it alone

  • I agree with what has been said, cut the high wages paid to presenters, the programs are not up to the standard they used to be, with just a few exceptions, at 92 I do want another expense, I do not get any increases in my private pension ,

  • The free licence should be kept for the over 75s they have paid enough in the past for the BBC . Why should they have to use their savings to fund their overpaid presenters!

  • Scrap it and use adverts like every other station. This could mean an extra meal or even winter heating for those less fortunate, including Pensioners and those on benefits.

  • Leave OAPs over 75 alone
    We have paid enough for all the fat cat salaries over the years
    Stop the license fee and get off your butts and earn the money to pay for the BBC

  • Free licenses do not “cost” anything more than a bit of admin. Disgusting to think of taking them away. Agree with what others have said about large salaries and advertidements. People who have paid in all their lives deserve a bit of something when they are getting on in years. I would expect means testing would eat up the money saved by means testing!

  • Best quality output in the world in so many genres and over so many media – and no adverts, into the bargain. Superb value for money; happy to pay my licence fee.

  • Stop paying presenters, guests and the BBC chiefs such ridiculously high salaries and problem solved. Either that or do what all other broadcasters do – advertise. Leave the pensioners alone

    • Well said Carole Fallows I fully agree with you stop paying these so called celebrities such ridiculous wages, there are other people in the country who could do just as good a job, give someone else a chance to do the job at much a lower wage, and leave the pensioners alone we cant fight back.

  • I don’t even know why the BBC came up with scrapping the free licence for over 75s, Its appalling that they are targeting the majority of people with the least money, The BBC do not give value for money has it is.

  • Cut your presenters outrageous salaries. Ban the license fee for all. Licenses to watch programmers these days is totally ridiculous. Why should people pay to watch just a few programmers. Use adverts like any other providers.

  • Scrap the licences nobody watches BBC much there are so many channels we don’t pay for!
    I’d rather have no signal than pay BBC let us have that option!

  • Bloody scandal these people have worked all their lives and you want to make lonely people even lonlier.scrap the license altogether.

  • It’s time the BBC paid their own way and let people decide if they want to subscribe like any other tv/media company. It still can’t provide you with your local news on the iPlayer. What a joke. Plus its news is biased anyway. Get another way of funding your biased news and over inflated egos. I don’t want to anymore. Mind you they probably realise their compulsory license fee days are numbered and the only people who will pay are the over 75s.

  • The BBC are just getting greedy. Leave the liecnce free for 75 and over. What is on the BBC is not worth watching most of the time. For pensoiners to have to find 3.20 extra a week will be hard as many are struggling to heat there homes or even eat. To take the liecnce away will leave many lonely as they dont see anyone it is there only company. We were told to save for our old age witch many of us did . . The yearly increase does not even cover the cost of living so how can the over 75 hope to be able to afford a tv liecnce.

  • By all means increase the free licence age to 77, 78 or 79, if you have to, but do NOT charge licence fees to those currently over 75 who already get a free licence – this is like a reward for paying annual fees for many years…and take a hard look at costs too (presenters etc)!

  • I agree with others, why should anyone have to pay a license fee at all. Stop paying such high salaries, use advertising to obtain funds. Why can’t the public choose if they want to watch the BBC as we can with all other media somwe pay what we can afford too. Just see how many people will pay then. Not many I bet. Compulsory payment of license is totally outdated. Many people cannot afford this extortionate fee never mind pensioners. About time the BBC and Government lived in the real world.

  • The B B C needs to scrap the licence fee it’s nothing short of highway robbery. Why should people who have sky and virgin and pay for such then have to pay for BBC again in the form of a licence you may depend that the BBC already charges sky and virgin to broadcast their channels, what they need to do is be a commercial channel like the rest and drop the pretence that they are better than the rest which is clearly not the case because if you took out the cooking programmes and repeat programmes there wold be nothing left to watch. It’s time for the government to step in and force them to scrap the licence fee.

  • Its about time they scraped this STEALTH tax. And the BBC needs to catch up with the time’s. I begrudge having to pay this, as all I see on the BBC is repeat after repeat. And most of the programming is rubbish, bring us some more home grown programs. OH AND INSTEAD OF SENDING TV PERSONALITIES ON ALL EXPENSES PAID HOLIDAY GUIDES PROGRAMS, SEND THE PEOPLE WHO PAY FOR IT, US , GIVE SOME OF THE PEOPLE WHO WOULD LOVE TOO DO THIS A GO.

  • So the only people who wont have to pay will be prisoners. That makes total sense. How much will the greedy BBC put it up when they get the chance?

  • So the only people who wont have to pay will be prisoners. That makes total sense. How much will the greedy BBC put it up when they get the chance?

  • I have been paying the license fee for 51 years.2more years to pay then I was then really looking forward to not having to pay. It would make a huge difference to my pension. BBC could make a huge saving by paying more realistic wages is for the work and effort they put in and not look on the public as a cash cow.

  • Scrap the license all together or make it subscription only! I don’t watch any bbc channels so why should I have to pay especial when I’m paying sky every month!

  • Abolish all fees for everyone and make it subscription or have adverts on to pay for their overpaid presenters. Why should we have to pay a licence when we do not watch the BBC.

  • Scrap it for everyone and do avertiseing like ITV it’s a disgusting charging people that much when you always put repeats on

  • Best option is if 100% of consumers refuse to pay the TV licence it will be scrapped overnight and see next time you send one of your snooping idiots past my door with their lies about what the TV licence pays for let them know they will leave with the truth stapled to their forehead! They accused me of watching tv without a licence ! I showed them my licence! He then complained it was last years ! I explained as long as I am forced to watch last years programmes I will continue to use last years licence and took it back off him ! I would rather see the bbc scrapped than have to pay for it I pay enough for sky which I have a contract to allow me to watch what they send out !

  • The license fee should be scrapped for everybody. Financially the BBC should stand on it’s own 2 feet like all the other channels. This way it would be a level paying field.

  • BBC are a disgrace. The pension for elderly is not good as it is and they want to take more. Why can’t the good old BBC use advertising to fund there over paid presenters???? There is not much worth watching anyway.
    To be honest I can’t get BBC or any other channel where I am threw an aerial, I pay for cable TV. So I am paying for something I can’t get and then having to pay someone else to put a box in my house so I can see channels.

  • Yes i agree make it so its free put adverts on it is only 3 minutes to watch them .i am 65 and retired and i would not bother having ads on tv. Better than paying a huge sum out of my state pension of £157 a week.

  • Scrap the fee entirely and pay with advertisers. Only a handful of programs are worth watching anyway. Cull the number of presenters and get rid of the fat cats.

  • don’t forget the people who get pension credit they won’t pay everything is free fo r them and why does it take two people to read the news also all we get from BBC is repeats people should get a choice if they want to watch BBC just a money grabbing scheme

  • As the funding of the free licenses for those who are eligible is too much for the BBC to justify, why not scrap the license altogether and lose the BBC. Let’s be fair the BBC is no longer an unbiased television producer,it is the public funded Conservative Propaganda Machine. The quality of any programmes it shows isn’t warranted compared to the number and frequency of repeats especially at prime time viewing. The BBC has betrayed the public’s trust in the way it has used it’s money’s to greatly over pay some radio presenters without ensuring they paid the same amount of tax the public is forced to pay. Close the BBC it no longer serves the public.

  • The reduction cost of the licence should stay for pensioners and should apply to people when they reach pension age not just for over 75

  • Like so many other people commenting on here, I watch very little B.B.C. so why should I have to fund them? They should definitely fund themselves the same as other channels have to. The majority of their programmes are rubbish or repeats. All us pensioners should refuse to pay the licence fee, let’s face it they can’t jail all of us!!

  • Totally agree with most of the comments, to many overpaid presenters….
    BBC used to be the Best in the country. Why take it out of the pensioners who are the ones who can ill afford this hike… I am watching this space like most of the OAP’s Britain..

  • The other option is to scrap the licence altogether for everyone. If that means the end of the BBC then so be it as I for one am sick of being charged for a bloody channel that I seldom look at!

  • I qualified this year for a free license, having one less bill to pay is a relief. Maybe being able to opt out of the BBC would be an option. Lots of other free programmes to watch, and the News is the same. So BBC, stop penalizing those who have paid in all their adult lives. Stop paying ridiculously high
    wages and ADVERTISE.

  • The bbc should be taken off air they are a contributing factor to the demise of this country branding everybody with labels that do not agree with their pathetic staff ,take away the need for a licence and take away the bbc ,and let us have a media that is not biased,let us have a referendum to see if people want to pay a licence fee to pay for a media that is burden to the british public.
    Get rid of the bbc

  • No people pay their all lives . should get free tv licences at 75 why wait 85 -90 sight gone hearing we put up with so much disruption on tv. Repeats The bbc most prob get bk in tax retuns so cut xmas party and perks give to pensioners it No from me leave tv licences alone

  • I agree there should be no license fee at all. Use advertising like all other stations.
    Or let’s have TV’s without the BBC so we are free to choose wether we use the BBC channels or not.
    I wonder how much money you would raise then to pay yourselves these outlandish
    Give the people the choice.

  • Leave licence as it is and just pay all the fat cat presenters less money especially some sport presenters.
    When you live alone tv is your only company .

  • As I have stated before I wish to become the C E of the BBC and I will cut all salaries by 50% that will save you more than enough money. I would then stop having two presenters on the same programme one is more than enough ( are they afraid of working on there on)
    And for gods sake stop picking on pensioners to solve all your problems we have work hard and paid all our dues to get a little bot back from society.

  • If the BBC paid less exorbitant wages to presenters, management and actors they would not need to reintroduce fees for those who can least afford it. I live in a rural area with a large number of elderly people who rely on their tv for company, news and entertainment. Perhaps old people who rely on old age pensions as their only income should be exempted. Perhaps a reduced licence for people over 75 which is reduced again at 80 could be considered as an alternative. My village is 12 miles away from a cinema, it has no busses operating in the evening
    people who don’t drive have to pay £20 each way for a taxi. Without a television for entertainment they would have nothing and many can not afford the licence.

  • It’s time the BBC stopped charging a fee for TV licences for everybody, let alone those people who have managed to reach a good age of 75 plus. Surely the BBC know already their system is outdated. It certainly isn’t value for money. BBC show many programmes that are neither educational or interesting enough to sit and watch. Even children’s TV is often found to be lacking in entertainment or supportive of educational purposes. It’s definitely time to let go of wanting to be in control. The BBC once stood for something, in today’s world it’s just a money making scam with a deliberate attempt at dumbing down the people within the UK. All TV and radio presenters are no more worthy of being paid more than the national minimum wage than the ordinary working man. Get your priorities right, stop takng money from those who cannot afford to live in luxury lifestyles such as those working for the BBC.

  • I am utterly appalled at the suggestion the BC should end to concession to annual license. Many of the aged people I know, I am 88, can barely afford the price of food. This is bound to increase given the stupidity of politicians over Brexit.

    When one reads the vast sums of money paid to presenters or sports commentators, one wonders if the BBC is part of this world. No one in ordinary jobs earns a fraction paid to these people.

    Lets face it the BBC program mes are pretty grim. During the day they are mainly played to the elderly in nursing homes as background sound. I personally only watch Portillo and Simon Reeve. . This is understandable as most program mes are repeats of ages ago featuring people that are now dead.

    itrust the BBC will now reconsider any change to today licensing charges.

  • This is not the 1930s when the BBC had no compertion get into the 21st century, I am sick of the the money that is wasted on so called stars who have little or no talent, and you pay them for it, very few pay the right amount of tax, and you want to get rid of the free licence for over 75s, shame on you.

  • The bbc should cut the wages they pay to the bosses and their staff instead of trying to rob money from anyone over 75 they should be made to earn their keep by advertising or some other method.Abolish license fee all together.

  • I don’t think what we pay in licence fees pays for the rubbish they put on their television or radio programs its just another tax. The BBC should hang its head in shame as most of the programs they put on in the afternoons when OAPs normally watch tv are repeats. There should be no licence fee for anybody. We should all stop paying are licence fees. What are they going to do lock us all up?

  • It would be awful to take away senior citizens over 75yrs tv lincence but I think there is a lot of senior citizens who get a very large pension who could quite easily pay for the tv licence it would be a drop in the ocean to some of them where as others could find it difficult

  • Am I wrong ? did not the bbc do a deal with the government in 2017 to be responsible for the licences of the 75 year olds until 2027, when the Royal charter is up for renewel . I think you have a nerve even to have a consultation on this subject , first you need to put your own house in order, reduce your many program presenters by a third , cut their salaries by half or more, stop paying so called celebrates exorbitant payments, put decent programs on and stop putting on old repeats of repeats and utter rubbish , the elderly need their free tv licence for some it’s their only comfort and entertainment . SHAME ON YOU.

  • If you want reality TV for the pikers and the brain dead then go American style commercial .Option 2 with a 50% discount would suit me…

  • Stop picking on pensioners and stop paying ridiculous salaries to Lineker etc for a few minutes waffle just show the games no one is interested in their opinions anyway

  • hi leave the licence for the elderly alone some can not get out and about like everyone else and is the only pleasure they have ,they look forward to keeping up with the day to day news as well as their programs it is about time they stop paying high end wages to these who are supposed to operate the company and the actors seeking top notch wages time to to adverts to get the money in

  • The BBC already owns Channel 4 and makes revenues from that. Start advertising on that and become independent AGAIN and not under government control as it is obvious to all that you are now. We may just get unbiased reports again.

  • I am one of the older generation and disabled, i have little money as it is, the rise tv fee would have to come out of my food money , bbc trying to starve me.

  • what a ruddy neck the BBC have to come up with this outrageous idea in respect of elderly viewers. Being a sports fan what the BBC serves up is pathetic, football and cricket mostly high lights. A minority sport like tennis given a full two weeks coverage live. Loads of repeats of programmes. News readers and presenters receiving outrageous salaries hardly commensurate with the ‘job’ they are doing. A total left-wing bias in all political comment. For goodness sake move into 2018 your glory days are over. This is not 1940 when you had a total monopoly the country is a totally different place now.

  • Put adds on so sick of paying when I hardly watch bbc scrap it times are changining with nett flix fire stick come on bbc get with times there are millions of us who are forded to pay and don’t watch 😤

  • I live in Mid Wales. WelshT.V. is not worth the money. Viewers now aged 65+. Put all Welsh made programs after 11-30pm. Scrum v is for S. Wales, no northen teams, now its on Sundays. Welsh news, Cardiff, Swansea and Newport F.C. is not news. Get your crews out for some proper news. Politics on Sunday morning, thats enough, put the rest on the red button or S4C. If I have to pay, I will get a dish, ditch Wales T.V. and go over to the English.

  • Scrap the license for everyone put a few adverts inbetween shows. I cancled my tv license im bord of the same shows every weeks going on for years now, but a few NEW decent films every now and then…. tv license is a load of BS

  • It should remain free for75 and over. If you’re lucky enough to get to this age they deserve it. Pensioner’s in this country are one of the lowest paid in Europe.
    I’m afraid if needed advertise in some small way. After all you’re constantly advertising your own things.

  • Stop paying exorbitant wages and there should not be a need to increase the license fee.l for one would not like to see any advertising on the bbc,as it is whenever there are adverts on the other channels i always change to a different station until the ads. have finished.

  • I think it’s about time the tv licence fee is done away with .after all its needed too watch one channel.the rest advertise .if the bbc must charge then give people a option .bbc could set up a app where is someone wants too watch the bbc they pay a small fee .a one off for that program.but the amount they want to charge everyone is day light robbery.it would be a great idea for this subject too be discussed in the House of Commons

  • The BBC air a programme called ‘Rip Off Britain’ and that’s exactly what the BBC does.

    Look at yourselves BBC and see if you don’t fit that title.

    Because you’re self opinionated you probably won’t recognise your shortcomings.

  • Scrap the fee totally…biased towards the remain campaign….covering up jimmy Saville and his perverted friends for God knows how long…very poor programs…and if indeed they are taking over the setting of the fee they will have the freedom to do what they want..no wait a moment they already do have.
    In its day and age the fee is a outdated stealth tax

  • The BBC has been my source of news: entertainment; and trusted friend since the early days of the war. When I switch on the TV. I start at the BBC and work my way down through the others with decreasing expectation, and hoping not to have to endure mindless advertisements.
    Modern life is somewhat easier than it used to be, but the downturn I noticed with the advent of the electric guitar, was offset by the spread of TV. A cinema on tap in your own home.
    I recall a day, a few years ago, when I heard that I would not have to pay for a TV license any more. I would not wish to deny anyone this simple pleasure.

  • 1 – Sack All Sports Pundits, The Public Switch on Watch Sport Not Listen to Over Payed morons 2 – Viewers would accept ads Between Programmes Not during

  • Unlike many people who have sent in comments, I like the BBC’s output. My viewing is almost exclusively BBC1, 2,4 and occasionally Channel 4 – I like documentaries. I am 84 and live on my own. I very much appreciate the free licence, but I would find the money if asked to pay.

  • Christmas is coming and so is another load of repeats of repeats of repeats. Perhaps the BBC wouldn’t mind it I produced a past license if asked to bo so. The BBC is turning out a load of tat, eastenders, people don’t live like that, how we grew up, I know how I grew up . To my mind the only decent thing on BBC is David Attenborough and sadly when he is gone the BBC will be left with nothing of interest.

  • I am a 67 year old pensioner paying the full whack on TV licence, if it went any higher I would not be able to afford TV at all! As long as pensions are not increased any increases on TV licences etc just make it that much harder to come out on our money!

  • Cut the high wages and expenses paid to presenters and the top executive people have paid all their live for the licence and to give them a free licence at 75 years old is little enough as they are on a pension and with the rising costs the last thing they need is the BBC taking money off of them pleases BBC think about

  • Abolish the tv licence, this is the 21st Century the BBC should fund itself. Start buy cutting the pay of the fat cats and replace repeat programmes with advertising. The licence fee is just another kind of house tax.
    Austerity affects everyone people have lived with it for years the BBC should now join us.

  • the free tv licence should continue…why dont they have a purge on the thousands who dont have the tv licence and should….if there are working people in the household,and the pensioner,,the working people should pay..bbc have to many channels.especial radio channels..to many.

  • About time the BBC were made to put adverts on to pay for there out of date and useless programmes why should we be made to pay for over rated presenters and no up to date programmes scrap the licence fee and get rid of over paid leeches

  • As usual the weakest of society are to be hit the hardest. Many old folk of this age, in under heated homes and living on the breadline, have only the television as company. To deny them this means their only chance to see what is happening outside in the world and have some entertainment is disgraceful, as also is means testing them. It is obvious many presenters are vastly overpaid especially sports pundits who are ten a penny in the real world and many untalented light entertainment presenters

  • Scrap it all together.

    Us ladies are having to work longer to get our pensions, now they want to take the free license from us, by the time we get to retirement age there will be nothing left but we are the ones who have put the most in the pot.

    The bbc programmes are rubbish with obpver paid presenters who in the reply word earns. 6 figure salary not the working man but it is the working man/ woman who pays these fat salaries

  • How many over 75s have a computer to respond to this? they can’t afford computers let alone the rates that Virgin , BT or other companies are going to charge them to use it, it absolutely disgusting that you are even considering charging them after all their years of hard work from 15 to 65 shame on you for considering taking away this small benefit. Get real they haven’t all worked for the Government or the BBC. Most have worked hard for a living for very little pension.

  • The BBC has let the public down with the bias news reporting, over Brexit, the Presenters all have an attitude problem trained by the BBC school of how to belittle anyone with views that do not follow their agenda. Were is the news covering EU events we have to rely on social media, so what is the point of paying a licence when we can choose a vast selection by other means and what we want to pay for. We have technology and can subscribe for what we want to watch.. I think it is obsolete in today’s world.. I have maybe watched the odd drama but these can be watched through other media broadcasting. I would not miss it…

  • How do the BBC get away with charging people to watch other channels . If I want to watch ITV I have to pay the BBC licence fee first , now I don’t know about anyone else but I would say that was a monopoly and as monopoly’s are supposed to be illegal how and why are they getting away with it .

    Regarding adverts every other station that use adverts not only survive they also have as good if not better programs than the BBC .

    On a final note if there was an option of paying to watch BBC as there is with SKY I would choose not as I choose not to watch SKY but at least SKY doesn’t charge me to watch anything else …… Rant over .

  • I have watched TV stations all over the English speaking world and the BBC, warts and all is up there with the best. Its not perfect and it needs to improve its content, as it seems almost wall to wall cooking programs, silly juvenile game shows which are plentiful and cheap to make, so come on BBC improve you content.

    AS for scrapping TV licenses for over 75 well that’s a blow below the belt. People who have worked all their life, paid a license fee all their life, have looked forward to their remaining twilight years license free may now!!! have this small benefit taken away, is a sad state of affairs. Come on BBC do the decent thing and look after and respect our aging population.

  • I believe the time has come to scrap it. Other channels make great TV too and don’t charge. However everyone by law has to have a license if they own a tv regardless of what channels they choose to watch.
    Time for a bold move.Scrap as soon as possible please!

  • It is about time the B.B.C. stopped paying large salaries to their so called top people and also realise that they should be unbiased in their opinions if like the other providers they were to have adverts they would not have to charge for a license their money instead it is out dated organisation full of people at the top who dont need they no longer hold a monopoly on news and some of there accidental advertising is getting a bit excessive

  • This is yet another Tory benefit cut – clever !

    Shift the responsibility elsewhere and someone else takes the blame.

    Agree with all other comments, but please don’t forget the source.

    Maureen Edwards

  • I think it’s disgusting, scrapping the free license fee for the over 75’s. Drop the charge for everyone, and start putting adverts on the BBC. Every other channel advertises, so it’s about time the BBC came into the 21st century.

  • It’s time the BBC scrapped the licence fee, it is to expensive and out dated. Start advertising like the other channels. Stop being biased and thinking they run the country. They aren’t the only channel now, we are seriously considered doing away with the tv due to BBC greedy attitude.

  • They should have a pay cap and if so called stars don’t like it, then go some where else, as there is prob alot of up and comming talent, that would love to take there job to make a name of there self. Also if you start your career with the BBC then move on, u should be made to pay a fine back to the BBC . Any political party who had the bottle to stand up and say thed strap the licence fee, would give themselfs alot more votes in an election.

  • Why on this earth are we still made to pay for a tv station we are in the 21 century end this tv tax now for everyone totally outdated
    Make the advertise to earn there revenue. Placing this burden on the people of this country has gone on to long end it now.

  • Scrap the license fee for everyone, replace some of the tripe they put on with adverts to cover the costs they incur, like all the rest. I wonder how much they spend per yr chasing non license payers!!! Scrap the fee for all would save a fortune on admin charges for a start, it’s time the bbc moved into this century and realised that they don’t own the monopoly on television anymore. If a home wants to have other paid subscription services that should be there choice not having a bbc tax forced onto them….time to start the revolution

  • TV licences should be scrapped BBC programmes aren,t worth paying for there rubbish and they pay them that appear far too much money they should do like all the other channels adverts in between to get money not us I don’t watch BBC at all

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