SPOILER: Guess who’s returning to EastEnders…

It’s the iconic characters from the 80s, Lofty and Mary the punk!

Dr Harold Legg recently broke the news to Dot about his battle with pancreatic cancer. He revealed that he is turning down life-prolonging treatment, so it was only a matter of time until his health declined.

As us viewers and the people of Walford wave goodbye to Doctor Legg in the New Year, we will also be greeted with some familiar faces.

For the first time in three decades, Tom Watt and Linda Davidson will reunite on Albert Square. Their characters, Lofty and Mary, were part of the

original crew back when the soap launched in 1985.  They were two of the show’s most memorable characters, but both moved on in 1988.

“I have nothing but good memories of my time on EastEnders so it will be lovely to set foot back in Albert Square all these years later.” – Tom Watt

Lofty was the barman at The Queen Vic pub and was despairingly in love with Michelle Fowler. At their first wedding, Lofty was dumped at the altar. They later married after she had Vicki, an illegitimate child with Dirty Den.

Lofty left the soap after their relationship broke down to become a social worker.

As for Mary, she was the most controversial character at EastEnders’ launch. She could hardly look after her child without the help of her neighbours and was a drug user who earned her living working as a prostitute. Linda later gave up acting to work in web design. Now, she runs a social media agency.



Are you looking forward to their return? Are there other characters you would have preferred to see come back to Eastender’s?

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