Book Club member reviews: Why Mummy Swears

For September’s Book of the Month, we selected the hilarious second novel, and Sunday Times No 1 Bestseller, Why Mummy Swears. Here is what our Book Club thought.


‘I liked the diary as a way of writing the episodes in the author’s life. I think every parent has been here!’ – Kathy Howell


Which part did you find the funniest?


‘You’re so unfair!’

‘I know.’

‘I hate you!’

‘I know.’

‘You’re ruining my life!’

‘I’m your mother, that’s my job.’

‘Can we get ice cream too?’

‘Oh, all right.’


‘I could relate to so many situations I couldn’t possibly choose just one!’ – Claire Martin


Trusted Reviewer, Valerie Hurry, has shared her thoughts on Why Mummy Swears:

I wouldn’t have read this book as I am  in fact a Granny and thought it might not appeal! But it was brilliant. I will recommend it to everyone and in fact will donate my copy to the local library for its shelves. I have my grandkids a lot and relate to most of what is in the book from that point of view and from having my own children. I can’t wait for my daughter to read the book.


Beverly Curry has disclosed her honest opinions on the Book of the Month:

To be honest I found little to make me laugh as I found it all rather over the top. I am no prude, I swear, but for swearing to be effective I think the application of the maxim ‘less is more’ is needed here, right from the start. I was amused most when there was no ‘shouty’ swearing, to be honest. (I class capital letters as shouting at me when in text).Read More

The detail of the blunt knives at holiday rents for example, had me nodding my head in agreement and remembering how we learnt to pack sharp knives when going on holiday, not perhaps a positive indication that we were expecting a successful break! While the situation of the PTA meeting could have been really funny it was marred for me by the unrealistic language used to excess. 


‘It was PERFECT!!!’


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