Book Club member reviews: The Party

January’s Book of the Month was The Party by Elizabeth Day. Read what our Trusted Reviewers thought below!


“It was a book of complex characters who had history – but this was revealed gradually. It kept you held and following the story and not knowing where it would end.”


A word from Trusted Reviewer, Beverly Curry:

I was riveted to this book from the moment I began and this surprised me as I wasn’t drawn to it by it’s cover. But, as the saying goes, you can’t judge….Read More

Elizabeth Day’s use of language, her articulate descriptions of each character, each situation, each era are remarkable, making me cringe, laugh and my blood boil in equal measure. It entertained and kept my attention and interest from start to finish and the ordering of events was skillfully written to ensure this was the case. 


“I have already recommended The Party to my reader friends.”

“Elizabeth Day is a new author to me but I will definitely be reading more of her books and recommending this one.”

“I have never read anything by this author and I loved the book. Will definitely look out for her again.”


How did the ending of this book leave you feeling?

  • “Complete”
  • “With a longing feeling”
  • “Wow”
  • “Wanting more”
  • “Sad”


“I could not put it down and did indeed stay up late! It was surprising and intricate and I was completely caught up in it.” – Trusted Reviewer, Valerie Hurry


“Throughout this narrative, the reader is taken across both time and location as the narrative builds to a conclusion – which is certainly not inevitable or expected. But the real joy of Ms Day’s writing is her knack of characterisation.Read More

For Martin, we waver between embarrassment at his naivety; pity at his humiliation and not just mild irritation at his lack of action. Lucy is something of a chameleon and what about the loathsome Ben and Serena: to say nothing of the vile Jarvis!
So, whatever your taste, The Party will allow you to smile, giggle, a grimace and not a little gasp of surprise and shock. Enjoy!”- Trusted Reviewer, Marilyn Newton 


“As soon as I had finished this book I looked for and ordered another and I thank you, Spring Chicken, for introducing me to Elizabeth Day.”


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