Book Club member reviews: The Lost Sister

For October’s Book of the Month, we selected The Lost Sister by #1 bestselling author Tracy Buchanan.


Read what our Trusted Reviewers thought:

‘A great read and a brilliant page turner.’ – Trusted Reviewer, Celia Bateson

‘PND is a very serious thing and I have known people who have struggled with it and also people who have had difficult childhoods/parents and in some ways the reconciliation, on so many levels, at the end could be helpful for some of those readers and also maybe help others to understand. It was a powerful book.‘ – Trusted Reviewer, Valerie Hurry

‘I would like to commend the book and its author for bringing to light subject matter that would not usually be covered, indeed, not covered so sympathetically, sensitively and well. I was able to see beneath the surface of so many of  life’s difficulties, that so many people face, and approach them with much more sympathy and grace.Read More

She does not shy away from painful and unpalatable truth; the truth that is part of the human condition. I think anyone reading this book will come away with a much more understanding and forgiving heart, both for other people and for themselves as has been my experience.’ – Trusted Reviewer, Beverly Curry 

How did you find the ending?

‘A twist that I hadn’t anticipated but one that worked. It had developed subconsciously as I read, as all good twists do, making them immediately believable and satisfying.’

‘The more I read the deeper I became involved with the story, with the subject matter as it unfolded. As it unfolded in a subtle and very impactful way! The fact that the novel is located at the seaside was an immediate draw to me as I love the sea and the shores of this country. Read More

I admit that the situation in the caves did not, at first, appeal, but I became more and more involved and impressed with the way the narrative developed through the different caving systems and their histories. The Kent coast is not one I am familiar with but have a desire to visit now that I have read this book. The movement between dates, eras needed to be familiarised, but once comfortable with the juxtaposition the reader is there!’

‘I now want to read anything else she has written or will write!’


Would you recommend this novel to a friend or family member?

‘This isn’t the sort of novel that I would normally read but I couldn’t put it down! I would have given more stars but at some points it just all seemed a bit too far fetched. It certainly had a lot of unexpected twists!  I will pass the book on as I do people who would want to read it.’


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