Book Club member reviews: The Forgotten Guide to Happiness

 ‘Cheerful’ ‘Lonely’ ‘Quirky’


Spring Chicken Book Club members have been sharing their favourite passages:

‘My stepmother’s had a drink with a sex offender.’

‘Happiness soared in me like delirium or the best stage in drunkenness, that moment before you reach for another glass and it all starts going downhill.’

‘As we spoke, I started wondering about my own defining story.’


Trusted Reviewer, Rebecca Masterman, has disclosed her honest thoughts on The Forgotten Guide to Happiness:

‘This is more than a book about a book but written as if writing a book. Trust me, that will make sense when you read this delightful, easy, entertaining book. It is predicable but nicely so. It is full of gentle humour and laughs at itself in a charming way. Read More

It is not literary nor “wordy” but is perfect for filling a few hours on a train or the beach, being easy to pick up again without losing the thread. I would not seek out this author, but I would be happy to find her books under my Christmas tree while someone else clears up the kitchen. And people, be more like Nancy, wear whatever hat you like!’


What did you think about the comedic elements in the novel?

‘I enjoyed the humour. The author handled sensitive topics in a very gentle but informative manner. The book showed that issues such as dementia didn’t need to be something to be scared of or ignored.’ – Marie Masson

‘It was brilliant. Very thought provoking. A good way of dealing with difficult topics.’ – Valerie Hurry

‘I thought the author tackled a serious subject in a way that everyone could understand and not feel uncomfortable about.’ – Claire Martin


‘A perfect summer read: very easy to get into, the characters were both relatable and entertaining, and difficult subjects were tackled with honesty.’


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