Book Club member reviews: One Little Lie

We selected One Little Lie by best-selling author Sam Carrington for November’s Book of the Month. Read what our Trusted Reviewers thought below!


‘I think it must be very difficult to come up with a new angle on a thriller, but Sam Carrington has mastered this very well.’


Did the novel live up to expectations?

‘As this novel came highly recommended I was expecting to enjoy it and it didn’t let me down. I enjoy a good ‘who done it’ and this book didn’t disappoint as it skillfully led me through intricacies of both plot and character very well and I was engaged from the outset. Read More

The format of such short chapters and being written from the point of view of so many characters could have been disorientating and confusing but I felt settled into these various lives from the outset.’ – Trusted Reviewer, Beverly Curry

‘Didn’t know what to expect really but the book is amazing. Very cleverly written from different points of view. Short chapters encourage you to read the next one and the next one. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Would read more by this author.’ – Trusted Reviewer, Celia Bateson

‘The blurb said “twists and turns” and they weren’t wrong!’ – Trusted Reviewer, Leonie Burke

‘This book definitely lived up to expectations and I was gripped from the beginning.’ – Trusted Reviewer, Elizabeth Labrow

‘I really liked the book and couldn’t put it down. One of the quickest book club books I’ve read!’ – Trusted Reviewer, Terrie Drummond


How did you find the ending?

‘It worked. It was tragic and would remain a tragedy for all the women involved but I felt there was some sort of completion for each of them, a line drawn in the sand after which some sort of life could be lived. I was pleased the biggest lie was going to be told but also glad I, as the reader was not going to be a party to that, it did not feel as if it were my concern.   Read More

It is always a good ending when one can feel that lessons have been learnt and I think this is the case here; lessons learnt by the characters but also by the reader, lessons about unsuspected vulnerability and unintended consequences.’ – Trusted Reviewer, Beverly Curry 


‘All the characters were rounded off ready to start a new life’ – Trusted Reviewer, Celia Bateson


‘Will definitely read more books by Sam Carrington!’


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