Book Club member reviews: How Hard Can It Be?

What were your thoughts on the form of a diary entry?

‘The diary format resonated with me as I am, and always have been, a journal keeper and I have found writing periodic entries to be really helpful for getting things off my mind.’ – Beverly Curry

‘It was easy and quick to read in the diary format.’ – Claire Martin

‘It’s usually a format I enjoy.’ – Rebecca Masterman


Were you taught anything new?

‘Who knew a belfie was a thing?’

‘Ladies: at the age of 57 I can dance till dawn, 30-year olds flirt with me, I am not invisible, and life has never been better. So, let me assure you (in spite of what Ms Reddy says), hitting the five-o is wonderful.’


Spring Chicken Book Club members have been sharing their favourite passages:

It takes a few seconds to see it is Adrian Casey. I deduct four stone and put his hair back on, rather good thick, dark hair that used to curl under his ears and matched his brown spaniel eyes, and here he is. – Beverly Curry

‘I liked when Kate finally realised that it was OK to take time for yourself an started to put her needs before others. It’s too easy to try please others and put others’ needs before your own that you can start to lose your own identity.’ – Claire Martin


Our Book Club would cast Emma Thompson for the protagonist’s role. Who would you choose?


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