7 Little Known Facts About Matt Monro – The Singing Bus Driver

Matt Monro was the singer’s singer aka ‘The Man With The Golden Voice’.

Frank Sinatra, with whom he was often compared, said of the man;

If I had to choose three of the finest male vocalists in the singing business, Matt would be one of them. His pitch was right on the nose; his word enunciations letter-perfect; his understanding of a song, thorough.

  1. Born Terry Parsons in 1930 Shoreditch, the youngest of 5 children, young Terry lost his father to TB when he was 3 and his mother suffered a nervous breakdown and was admitted into a sanatorium when he was 5. The young Terry went into foster care shortly after until his mother was well enough to look after him.
  2. After growing up in and out of care homes he volunteered for early conscription which saw him posted as a mechanic with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to Hong Kong. It was here he was to get his first break on a Hong Kong radio station.
  3. Popular pianist Winfred Atwell heard an early demo and was so impressed she introduced him to her record label, Decca.
  4.  Matt impressed Peter Sellers and George Martin so much as a stylistic voice coach for the Seller’s album ‘Songs for Swinging Sellers’ that they kept one of his recordings ‘You Keep Me Swinging’ on the record under the comedic pseudonym of Fred Flange.
  5. George Martin gave Matt his Parlophone contract for which he recorded ‘My Kind Of Girl’, ‘Portrait Of My Love’ and ‘From Russia With Love’.
  6. Matt Monro never achieved a #1 hit single in the UK charts in his lifetime.
  7. Matt Monro couldn’t attend his ‘This Is Your Life’ after party as he was opening at Talk of The Town the same night. Ever the professional Matt had to leave his friends and family to fulfil his commitments.

What are your Top 3 Matt Monro songs? Let us know in the comments below.

Spring Chicken’s Top 5 Matt Monro Songs;

1. Walk Away

2. A Portrait Of My Love

3. All Of A Sudden

4. On Days Like These

5. Yesterday When I Was Young




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