7 Little Known Facts About Billy Fury – The British Elvis.

Billy Fury was for many the only real answer the British had to Elvis Presley in the early 1960s. He had it all the looks, the charisma and most of all the talent. Perhaps even more so than Elvis himself as Billy Fury could write songs.

I think Billy Fury is Britain’s best ever Rock’n’Roll singer.

-Ian Dury

Billy Fury’s mixture of danger and vulnerability left hoards of teenage girls halfway to paradise. Billy Fury’s first album for Decca, ‘The Sound Of Fury’ released in 1960 was penned entirely by himself. So for many who thought Cliff Richard was too clean cut and not quite dangerous enough, it was  Ronald Wycherly from Liverpool who was the only true British King of Rock’n’Roll.

  1. Billy Fury penned all 10 songs on his debut album ‘The Sound Of Fury’ some under the pseudonym,  Wilbur Wilberforce.
  2. He went to school with Richard Starkey, aka Ringo Starr.
  3. The Beatles auditioned to be his backing band, although Fury wanted to use them his notorious manager Larry Parnes had other ideas.
  4. Billy contacted Rheumatic fever as a child which left him with a weakened heart that contributed to his early death in 1983 at just 42.
  5. Billy Fury dated Coronation Street star Amanda Barrie with who he also co-starred on his film, ‘I Got A Horse’.
  6. Billy Fury equalled The Beatles’ record of 24 hits in the 1960s without ever getting to number 1.
  7. Billy Fury’s biggest hit, Halfway To Paradise was written by the great Carol King and had been previously recorded in the US by Tony Orlando.

What are your top 3 Billy Fury songs? Let us know in the comments below.

Spring Chicken’s Top 5 Billy Fury Songs;

Once Upon A Dream

I’d Never Find Another You


Play It Cool

It’s Only Make Believe




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