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Sock Aid Easy Sock On & Off

For people who suffer from restrictive personal mobility and rely on disability aids to help them even a task such as putting on socks can become an arduous chore.

We have found a solution that is not only smart and compact but gives the user their independence back.

Introducing the Sock-Aid Easy Sock On & Off a clever invention that removes the hassle of putting on socks and here is why we love it.

This sturdy innovative product comes in a striking blue colour that is fast and easy to assemble.

Simply clip the base onto the cylindrically shaped section and you’re ready to pull your socks up! A set of helpful instructions come supplied with clear precise diagrams that are very easy to follow.

Once assembled place the cuff of your sock over the Sock Aid and then place the dressing aid on the floor and slide in your foot.

The Sock-Aid slides the sock smoothly and securely up the foot until in the desired place.
Sock Aid

Here’s what some of our customers had to say

“Very well made and lovely to use, it made a difficult job easy.” – Marilyn Kehoe
“Easy to use and very effective!” – Andy Parratt
“One word Fantastic it works 100% even getting your socks off is so easy.” – James Paul Smyth
“This product has made the start of our days so much easier” – Carolyn Underwood

What’s clever is that it comes supplied with a reach stick to aid you in removing your socks.

Designed with a soft scooped end that fits under your heel, it helps you comfortably slide off your socks.

Ingeniously, the reach stick also acts as a device to hook onto the mobility aid. This gives you the freedom of not having to bend, stretch or twist.

When the Sock-Aid is not in use, it can be safely stored away for another day.

You will be impressed how fast and simple it makes putting on your socks.

The Sock Aid comes with a reach stick


Watch the short video above to see just how simple it is.

Please be aware this device is not suitable for compression stockings and works best when using extra stretchy socks, here are some we recommend.

We admire the Sock-Aid, it’s convenient, unique and simple to use with great results!

9.4 Out of 66 Trusted Reviews

My "Easy Sock On & Off" arrived early and I love using it. The Sock-Aid has been well designed and does exactly what I require of it.

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