Trouser Aid

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Do you have difficulty putting on your trousers?

This unique Trouser-Aid offers a great solution to getting dressed without bending. The frame is adjustable making it perfect for underwear, jogging bottoms or trousers.

This aid suits people who have problems with the spine, back, hips, knees and joints and can be used whilst sitting down or standing up.

The Trouser-Aid combined with the Sock-Aid is the complete solution to fuss-free dressing without bending.

The Trouser-Aid comes in 2 sizes. To choose which is best for you select the frame size that is closest to your garment's waist measurement when stretched: Small (frame size 38" - 43") & Large (frame size 46" - 52"). Comes complete with step-by-step illustrated instructions for use.

Setting up the Trouser Aid is easy. Simply adjust the frame by pulling the arms out whilst releasing the clips until it reaches the required size. Place the waistband of the clothing over the frame so it attaches to all 4 sides securely with the handle facing towards you. Then use the handle to pull up the clothing until it reaches your upper legs enabling you to complete the process without bending.

  • Can be used for both underwear and trousers
  • 2 size options
  • Small (frame size 38" - 43")
  • Large (frame size 46" - 52")
  • Adjustable polypropylene frame
  • Easy to use whilst sitting or standing
  • Safe to use whilst recovering from surgery
  • Complete with step-by-step illustrated instructions for use.

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