Ratchet Tin and Ring Pull Opener

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This is a really clever kitchen gadget! It works a bit differently to any other tin opener you've ever used so you have to follow the picture instructions first time round but then you'll wonder why all can openers are not like this! Watch our video to see it demonstrated. It has a ratchet handle that moves backwards and forwards which may be an easier movement for those with arthritis or weak grip.

Once a full revolution of the can is made you'll feel less resistance as the can is open, however, at this point the lid still feels like it is firmly on the can, there are no contents dribbling down the side of the tin, the lid does not feel lose or seem to be cut so you wonder if it is actually open. This is the magic part - on the side of the opener are 2 metal prongs that come together like a bird's beak when you move the handles, these attach to the rim of the cut lid and in 1 effortless lifting motion the lid is off.

There are no sharp edges on the lid or the can as this tin opener cuts in a completely different way to all others. And as a final bonus it has a hook that is marvellous at opening ring pull cans as well! Who would have thought a tin-opener would be the talking point at meal times? but this one certainly will!

  • Size 18 x 7 x 8cm
  • Click on the video link above to see how it works

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