"HandyBar" - Car Support Bar

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The Handy Bar is a portable, strong, non slip handle to hold onto as you get in and out of the car. It slots into the strongest part of your car - the U shaped "striker". (Don't worry, we didn't know where that was either, but apparently every car has one. It's part of the door fitting. It's the bit your door closes onto, just on your left as you leave the car from the passenger side.) It's in exactly the right place to support your weight as you manoeuvre yourself out of the car. It's also a useful tool for emergencies as it doubles as a seatbelt cutter or for breaking car windows.

  • Soft grip, strong support handle to provide assistance when getting into and out of vehicles
  • Steel shaft
  • Fits into U-shaped striker plate in most vehicles
  • Can also be used in emergencies as a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker
  • Maximum weight of user: 158kg (25st)

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