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Finding The Right Electric Wheelchair

I’m interested in buying an Electric Wheelchair, is there anything I should take into consideration?

It can be difficult understanding which Electric Wheelchair is the perfect one for you, with many on the market it can be a confusing exercise.

To help you with this we’ve come up with some essential questions to think about when choosing an Electric Wheelchair.

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Am I going to be using it indoors or outdoors more frequently?

There are a few hybrid Electric Wheelchairs or Power Chairs that allow for use in both an indoor or outdoor environment. One of our favourites is the Freedom A08L which has larger wheels offering a smooth transition between different surfaces whilst the armrest can fold up for indoor use.

Big wheels or little wheels?

Although bigger wheels will offer more stability and traction they may not be suitable for an Electric Wheelchair solely used for indoors. Smaller wheels offer the possibility to move in tighter spaces such as hallways and through door frames-  perfect for indoor use.

Which is right for my weight?

It is worth considering that Electric Wheelchairs come in a range of carry weights generally starting from 17 stone up to 25 stone. The Freedom range come in two options, the A06 (max user weight: 17.5st), the A08 & A08L (max user weight: 25st).

Levers or joystick?

This all depends on your upper body strength. The Zinger Electric Wheelchair features two levers with a simple push down to go and pull up to stop or turn mechanism. This makes the Zinger small and nippy however may not be suitable for all. If upper body strength is lacking, then a joystick system would be advisable.

How far do you want to go?

You may be surprised just how long a battery will last in an Electric Wheelchair. Certain chairs such as the Zinger will last for a maximum of 8 miles and can be recharged in 3.5 hours.

Another option would be the Freedom Range, these chairs allow for more than one battery to be fitted into the Electric Wheelchair. The A08 and A08L offer the possibility of 3 batteries to be used offering an incredible 27 miles of use.

Does it need to be small for storage?

You’ll be glad to know that Electric Wheelchairs may be smaller than you thought. A prime example of this is The Zinger which offers a lightweight fold-ability function. It may be as fast as a scooter, but there’s no steering column. Using a simple forward folding design, it tucks itself into a neat flat package that fits even a small car boot.

Can I lift it (and do I need to?)

Electric Wheelchairs come in different weights regarding on the overall size and functions of the chair, these can range from anywhere between 17.5kg to 23.5kg.

The Zinger and The Freedom both feature a folding design, if you feel you need support in lifting it into the boot of a car electric winches can be fitted into most cars offering support in lifting the chair safely.

What is the overall cost?

Electric Wheelchair prices vary depending on the functions of the chair, these can range from £2,340 to £2,999.  Spare batteries for the chair that are generally £299-£399.

Equipment that has been designed solely for people with a disability, chronic or terminal illness or the adaptation of equipment so they can use it, can be VAT exempt. This applies to the Electric Wheelchair range.

VAT relief?

The Electric Wheelchairs range we sell at Spring Chicken are VAT exempt for people who have a disability or chronic or terminal illness.

For more details on VAT relief click here.

Click here for more information on Electric Wheelchairs and our helpful “Electric Wheelchairs Reviewed”.

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