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Riser Recliner Chairs Reviewed

It can be difficult if not impossible when making an important decision, especially when it comes to something as vital and personal as a Rise and Recline Chair.

You may be bombarded with countless options and choices, but what do they offer and which is best suited for your needs. Rise and recline chairs make getting comfortable and getting up from a chair much easier when mobility is restricted.

Here at Spring Chicken we’ve chosen seven of our favourite Recliner Chairs that not only offer comfort and usability but unique features such as waterproof fabrics, wooden knuckles and more.

Call it your personal information hub into Rise and Recline Chairs.

So sit back, relax and take a look.

Award Winner

Donna Recliner Chair

Donna Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair

Introducing the Donna Dual Motor Riser Recliner chair. A riser recliner made in Britain that has beaten all of the competition in a recent Which? survey.

It has received praise for comfort and build, highlighting its padded foot rest and solid beech knuckles that provide a steady hold when rising and reclining. The Donna uses only the highest quality materials such as seasoned beech for the frame of the chair and combustion modified high resilient foams for the cushions.
All finished off with sturdy castors that allow 360 movements for the user. A handy side pocket is included for safely storing the remote controller that has been ergonomically designed for ease of use with large buttons so that the user knows which way the chair will operate.

  Which? Best Buy award winner   –   Extra padded footrest   –   Wooden knuckles   

Best for

Customers who want the reassurance of an award winning chair in a mainstream look.

A Modern Day Marvel

Waltz Recliner Chair

Waltz 360 Swivel Riser Recliner Chair

The Waltz is a fusion of modern design and traditional engineering. In a sleek eye-catching grey finish, it has all the features of a normal riser recliner chair with the added bonus of a 360 swivel base, making it much easier to move or be moved once seated in the chair.

The swivel action has a locking mechanism so when you have found the perfect position, you can stay there. The swivel, rise, recline, and footrest functionalities all operate independently.
To add to the sleek look of this chair, the battery pack is charged and then the cable can be removed giving a ‘cable-free’ clean look. Once fully charged the battery runs for 10 days before a new charge is needed.

  360 Swivel Base   –   Optional USB port   –   iController allows wireless controls   

Best for

Stylish consumers who want a modern look with wireless capabilities.

Traditionally Classic

Kensington Chair

Kensington Power Lift Fireside Chair

The Kensington Power Lift Fireside Chair is not only a smart and stylish chair but it also has a secret addition that sets it apart from other fireside chairs.

A patented electric power lift that helps you to your feet or can lower you to a seated position safely. This chair is ideal for those who enjoy a more traditional seat but with added support. 
Made in Britain this chair would complement any room with a subtle but eye-catching beige chenille finish and provides a handy side pocket for the intuitive remote controller to sit in.

  Power Lift seat riser   –   Wooden knuckles   –   Eye-catching chenille finish   

Best for

Customers who prefer a traditional high back chair with no recline but need help to get in and out.

The Attractive Atlantic

Atlantic Recliner Chair

Atlantic Dual Motor Tilt-In-Space Riser Recliner Chair

The Atlantic Dual Motor Recliner is not only attractive and comfortable but a tilt-in-space chair too! Designed to offer ultimate pressure management and support your posture providing excellent back support, neck support, and head support and the lateral back cushion gives full lumber support.

Only the highest quality materials are used, the waterproof fabrics combine maximum abrasion resistance with a specially engineered low friction surface. This minimises the risk of shear but also makes it easy to clean.
The Atlantic chair is favoured by occupational therapists as the tilt-in-space motion allows you to get into position without stress or strain to the body because the supportive angles and steady motion mean that friction and shearing are minimised.

   Tilt-in-space   –   Waterproof   –   Lumbar support with lateral back cushion   

Best for

Customers who want a tilt-in-space recliner with the added benefit of a waterproof fabric seat.

Advanced Strength

Oxford advanced Recliner Chair

Oxford Advanced Strength Riser Recliner Chair

Introducing the Oxford Advanced Strength Riser Recliner Chair. This stylish chair comes in 3 user weight categories to suit all needs, choose from 35st, 40st or 50st.

This durable chair has full recline and riser recliner action with a modern contemporary design and is finished off with subtle stitching on the backrest.
The back, arm and seat cushions are padded with CMHR foam designed for support and comfort. The back cushion pad and duvet seat pad can also be removed for cleaning or updating.

   Stylish design   –   Full recline & multi positioning   –   Models upto 50st   

Best for

Bariatric customers with the option of three weight categories: 35st, 40st and 50st.

Manually Operated

Harmony Recliner Chair

Harmony Porta Mobile Chair

The Harmony Porta chair is specifically designed for people who are not able to operate a remote-controlled recliner. This manually operated rise and recline chair has a tilt-in-space action.

The chair allows a carer, friend or family member to operate by using the manual controls at the side and back of the chair.

These controls allow you to lift the leg rest independently and move the footplate to its desired location, you can also recline the chair to a position suited to the user. By pulling the back handle a carer can tilt the user promptly to raise their feet above their head as required, the seat also rises and inclines forward to help the user get up more easily.
The Harmony Porta only uses the highest quality materials, the waterproof fabrics combine maximum abrasion resistance with a specially engineered low friction surface which minimises the risk of shear but also makes it easy to clean.

Another great addition to the Harmony Porta is its mobility, the chair features robust sturdy wheels and a safety brake making it secure and easy to move around the house.

   Can be moved from behind   –   Tilt-in-space   –   Recovery position setting   

Best for

Customers with more complex posture needs.

Elegance and Tranquility

Queen Anne

This traditional fireside chair will add elegance to any living room. The Queen Anne is a high back chair offering excellent lumbar, head and neck support.

 It features soft back cushions and seats and is perfect for hours of relaxation. The seat cushions are reversible for even wear and removable for easy cleaning. 
Add the optional matching footrest for ultimate comfort. Available in a choice of stunning crimson or sedate sage upholstery.

queen anne footstool

  High back & wings  –  Head & neck support  –  Optional stool raises feet  

Best for

Customers who need a traditional high back chair with no recline and can get out of a chair without assistance.

So there we have it, a bespoke look at our favourite Rise and Recline Chairs.

In our next article we will be testing beds finding out what unique features the range offer.

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