Care – Spring Chicken Top Pick of 2018 TV.

Although 2018 bought us much ‘edge of the seat’ entertainment like Killing Eve and Bodyguard, there was one piece that really resonated for us and that was BBC’s ‘Care’.

‘Care’ was a BBC hour and half long drama starring Sheridan Smith and  Alison Steadman. Jimmy McGovern and Gillian Juckes write a touching and truthful account of the stark issues facing many thousands of families around the UK.

Based on Jucke’s own life experiences ‘Care’ takes us on a heart-wrenching journey navigating the pitfalls and bureaucracy involved in trying to get the right care for dementia patients.

The story is stark and honest as Steadman’s character Mary gets bounced around a system not equipped to deal with such patients with the onus falling upon one single family member, Jenny (Sheridan Smith) to try and get the best for her mother. Only by chance does she find a lifeline, the NHS Continuing Healthcare Scheme which offers Jenny and her family a glimmer of hope

Both Smith and Steadman turn in, hopefully, award-winning performances without going over the top. Smith particularly shows the pressures and the torment of trying to deal with a sadly, too common situation.

Let us know your thoughts about ‘Care’ or your favourite Tv of 2018 in the comments below.

If you missed it the first time around here’s the BBC iPlayer link. BBC Care starring Sheridan Smith and Alison Steadman

Also, other useful links if you are experiencing this world for the first time.

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