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Attendant Wheelchairs Reviewed

In this installment we take a look at Attendant Wheelchairs in the Spring Chicken range.

Today we look at Attendant Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs need to be chosen carefully to ensure they meet the expectations of the user.

Here at Spring Chicken we’ve chosen four of our favourite Attendant Wheelchairs that not only offer comfort and a high quality build but unique features such as puncture proof tyres and ultra lightweight frames.

Call it your personal information hub for Attendant Wheelchairs.

So sit back, relax and take a look.

Light and Practical

escape-chair | Spring Chicken

Escape-Lite Wheelchair

The Escape Lite Wheelchair is sturdy, yet light and foldable. It’s ideal for popping in the boot for a day trip or a holiday.

With full-length armrests, puncture-proof tyres, padded upholstery and detachable, swing-away footrests, it’s comfortable and practical for indoors and out.
Choose from two seat widths of either 41cm or 46cm and two colours, a sleek modern silver or an eye catching purple.

Escape-Lite Lightweight Wheelchair

  Lightweight just 12kg    –   Puncture proof tyres   –   Available in silver or purple   

Best for

Customers wanting a simple, comfortable and practical attendant propelled wheelchair.

Lightweight and Foldable

Ultra-lightweight | Spring Chicken

Ultra Lightweight Attendant Wheelchair

This aluminium attendant propelled wheelchair is ultra lightweight so it’s really easy to push someone in it from A to B.

The footrests are height adjustable for added comfort, they feature a swing-away feature making transfers easier.
This lightweight chair features a contemporary design, so it has clean modern lines. Available with a choice of two seat widths 17″ or 20″

Ultra Lightweight Attendant Wheelchair

  Height adjustable    –   Chair weighs just 12kg   –   Max user weight 18st  

Best for

Customers wanting a lightweight attendant propelled wheelchair.

Compact and Versatile

whirl-chair | Spring Chicken

Whirl Attendant Wheelchair

The Whirl Attendant Wheelchair is a simple, versatile wheelchair ideal for part or full-time use. It features a narrow frame and is compact which makes it easy to manoeuvre indoors and in confined spaces, while the puncture-proof tyres mean you can also use it outdoors.

This is a comfortable wheelchair with fully padded upholstery and a calf-support strap for safety. It has a detachable half-folding backrest to make reaching for objects behind you easier.
The armrests can be easily detached to enable you to get closer to tables, available in four seat widths 41cm, 43cm, 45cm and 48cm

Whirl Attendant Wheelchair

  Compact frame    –   Fully padded upholstery   –   Max user weight 18.5st  

Best for

Customers wanting a versatile attendant propelled wheelchair.

Ultra lightweight

swift-wheelchair | Spring Chicken

Swift Attendant Wheelchair

This lightweight wheelchair is comfortable and sturdy, yet easy to fold and dismantle for storage or transportation.

Idea for occasional use indoors and outside, the Swift Attendant Wheelchair is made to be propelled by an attendant.
It comes in two seat widths, 1.4m (41″) and 1.16m (46″). Attendant: Please note this product is not suitable for occupant car transportation.

Swift Attendant Wheelchair

  Lightest chair at 10.2kg   –   Folds without tools   –   Max user weight 18st 

Best for

Customers wanting an attendant propelled wheelchair for occasional use only.

So there we have it, a bespoke look at our favourite Attendant Wheelchairs.

In our next article we will be testing Self Propelled wheelchairs finding out what unique features the range offer.

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