Pill management - the bane of my life. By Tony Gregory
This is the bane of my life. I am sure that the average patient needs a vast number of tablets each day. I presently use 18. A well organised patient will have the tablets clearly identified and in order of use. Each day, I have no doubt, the tablets will be consumed with metronomic timing, with no tablets left behind like orphans. These people will be content to have a simple container such as the Liberty Quattro Pill Case or the Medidos No.1. These people are nothing like me! I am irreparably untidy. I have tried varying pill management devices with differing success. There are more sophisticated ones, such as the Minitell pocket pill dispenser and the Pivotell Advance GSM. I must stress that this is my shortcoming and not a criticism of the various devices. It is, though, vital that you take your tablets on time, particularly co-beneldopa or its equivalent. Parkinson's is the result of a lack of dopamine and co-beneldopa is designed to compensate for that.
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