Walking Plus

Muir Gray
In my last column I emphasised the benefits of walking and hinted at the need for Walking Plus but why do we need Walking Plus and what do we mean ...

Walking Plus: The Miracle Cure

Muir Gray
The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges sounds a very grand and ancient body. It is easy to imagine them processing in gowns and congratulating one a...

This baby could live to 142

Muir Gray
"This Baby could live to be 142 years old" was the startling caption on the photo of a baby on the cover of Time magazine in the last week of Febru...

Live Well With Osteoporosis - Avoiding Falls and Fractures

Muir Gray
What is osteoporosis? As is often the case the term 'osteoporosis' implies that it is a disease like tuberculosis or epilepsy, namely, a condition ...

What is Dementia? by Professor Sir Muir Gray

Many people, including many members of the medical profession are confused about dementia and its relationship to Alzheimer's disease. If you consu...

Why Are Beliefs and Attitudes to the Ageing Process So Important?

Muir Gray
A belief is something people hold to be true, for example, the belief that the earth was flat was held by many people to be true and took very many...

Why is Dementia important?

Muir Gray
The brain like all other organs is affected by ageing and the ageing process, in any tissue or organ, has two effects. One is a loss of the maximum...

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