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The wonderful world of Stairlifts is not a world you or I would normally frequent. However, when needs must, you have to get familiar with Stairliftworld and you have to get familiar pretty quickly. Don’t worry you are not alone, it’s path often trod but rarely discussed.

Luckily, we’re here to hold your hand on your first foray into the Wonderful World of Stairlifts so at least you’ll know the local lingo when you land in this strange world.  

The notion of a stairlift is, for most of us not yet in our dotage or with a relation in theirs, a hazy one which has etched itself onto our conscious only to a minimal degree. We hear the word, and if we happen to be playing the association game, our next utterance might be Stannah, same as if we hear “loo-paper”, we think, without thinking, Andrex, then, chances are, puppy. 


Years of advertising dictate that, at the sound of “stairlift”, a mental picture flops fleetingly into view of a frail but smiling person in a neat skirt and unassuming shoes sitting on a rather metallic-looking chair up against the side of a homely staircase. But that is as far as the word stairlift takes us. 

The Wonderful World Of Stairlifts Uk Best

Our mind swiftly shifts back to needing a cup of coffee and spreadsheets and elusive men/teenagers and burning the bolognese. Were we inwardly to pursue the stairlift theme a degree further, which we never do, we would find ourselves up against a complete blank? 

This is because Stannah and the elderly seated woman comprise the full extent of our stairlift lexicon.

Do I need a straight stairlift? Should I consider a reconditioned stairlift? Will a swivel seat really improve my quality of life?

The time has come

Then, out of nowhere, we find a parent, spouse, close family member or even ourselves - are reaching that age when legs and joints are increasingly losing their easy-going relationship with stairs. 

So, tentatively, we Google buy a stairlift and suddenly realise there is a whole reality out there, call it Stairliftworld, almost as extensive with its options as seed varieties and knitting patterns. 

Yet it is a reality that we have to face, and we invariably do so with ignorance and confusion, and definitely not a little reluctance. 

Always reluctance: who ever wanted to get to know about stairlifts? Let alone delve into them? And shell out good money for having to face up untimely, always untimely, to having to install an expensive and cumbersome contraption to achieve something so banal as getting up and down stairs? For being forced, too, to face up untimely to one’s beloved’s mortality, or indeed one’s own? 

Is it all downhill from here?

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With stairlifts, it quickly becomes apparent that there are no upsides, except the independence of up/down mobility, which is not to be sniffed at, but which once, pre-mechanised necessity, was entirely free and taken for granted as a basic human function and right but, in its mechanised incarnation, would now seem to spell Downhill All the Way


Don’t worry there is good news

The good news is that there are people, and one hell of a lot of people it transpires, whose business it is to help one navigate Stairliftworld as painlessly as possible. But as with every business, it is crucial to sort the sheep from the goats if one is to end up with a lift that is bespoke, reliable, good value and not a hideous carbuncle contaminating one’s hall as well as one’s fragile psyche.

Springchicken’s Ultimate Stairlift Guides

In order to navigate this foreign land, you must know the basics. Who to trust and what questions to ask and do I really need a free no obligation home visit?

Here at Springchicken we have navigated this world for over 5 years and have put together some independent, easy to understand guides to help save you time, money and best of all your sanity.  

So, rest easy, if you are looking for a high quality stairlift company but don’t know where to start we can help, from booking your home survey to considering future stairlift servicing we will hold your hand every step of the way.

Don't forget to share your experiences in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.  

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