What is a riser recliner and healthcare chair?

What is a rise and recliner chair and is it beneficial for me? 

Rise and recliner chairs are electrically operated providing both a comfortable recline and assistive rise function.  They have a number of great benefits. 

  • For those who have reduced, or limited mobility they provide assisted standing and sitting at the touch of a button.  This can help reduce strain and reliance on carers by increasing your independence 
  • Spending long periods of time in one position can be painful on your body. Rise and recliner chairs allow you to change your position throughout the day without having to move from the chair, increasing comfort and helping to reduce the risk of pressure sores 
  • If you have mild postural needs or are at risk of swelling in your legs a rise and recliner chair offers a variety of back supports to assist in maintaining good positioning as well providing the mechanisms to help elevate the legs to reduce risk of swelling 

How does a healthcare chair differ from a rise and recliner chair? 

Healthcare chairs offer more support, pressure care and comfort for those who have greater healthcare needs.   

  • They can provide both manual and electric controls for tilt and recline repositioning.  Some models offer the choice of having individually moving leg rests, for those with limited range of movement in their legs. 
  • Cushions and backrests can be interchanged to increase the chairs longevity inline with any changing needs, this is important for those who have a long term progressive conditions. 
  • They can provide a wide range of pressure relieving cushions for anyone requiring low to very high pressure care 
  • Some healthcare chairs can be used for portering. They have 4 heavy duty castors and push handles making it easier to transport the chair between rooms. They can be fitted with an Accupak battery, so there is no need to plug them in to electric power socket. This also avoids worrying about trailing power cables.
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