Useful services for individuals with COPD

Smoking cessation services 

Quitting smoking can be difficult, however with a combination of support, expert advice and replacement products it can be made much easier.  There are a number of smoking cessation services across the UK, they are not only for those who know they wish to quit, they are also for those who are unsure if quitting is right for them.  The services offer non-judgemental advice, ongoing support and can supply the appropriate replacement products.  Some services include options of one-to-one support as well as group sessions.  They generally offer a 12-week programme to place you on the right track. 


Oxygen clinic 

If your oxygen levels are low in your blood you may be referred to an oxygen clinic for assessment.  This will usually occur if you continue to be out of breath even after the use of inhalers and other medications.   
Your GP, community service team or another health professional can refer you on to receive an oxygen assessment.  As oxygen needs to be prescribed to ensure you are issued with the correct amount for your body, a full assessment needs to take place first before it is provided. 

The clinic can then offer continued reviews to ensure the level of oxygen remains right for you. 


Pulmonary rehabilitation 

Your GP or local COPD team can refer you onto a Pulmonary rehabilitation programme.  These programmes focus on providing people with the information to self-manage the condition as well as completing an exercise programme to help reduce breathlessness experienced during movement.  Programmes usually last around 6-8 weeks and can consist of around 2 sessions a week.   


Community services 

Many local communities provide a specific COPD service run by the NHS.  The services usually provide education, advice and assessment.  They aim to help reduce the number of admissions into hospital as a result of a flare-up.  Services may include specialist community nurses or matrons who can work closely with you in the community.    


Use the NHS link below to find local services to you 





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