Care options checklist

Choosing the best care for you or a loved one can be daunting, so our Lead Occupational Therapist has put together this handy checklist to help you.

Residential care checklist 

 Choosing the right home  

  • research homes; your local authority will be able to advise you on homes in your area.  
  • Look at the Care Quality Commission website 
  • Visit potential homes 

How much will residential care cost? 

  • More people are having to pay for their care, so it’s important to know the costs. 

How will your care be funded? 

  • Your Local Authority Adults Health and Care department will be able to provide advice and complete a financial assessment. 

Where can you get advice? 

  • Contact your Local Authority, Adults Health and Care Department 
  • Financial advisor 


Home care checklist 

Choosing the right care at home  

  • research local Care Agencies, your local authority will be able to provide advice 
  • would you prefer a male or female carer 
  • Is it important to have the same carer 
  • Look at the Care Quality Commission website 
  • Think about the costs; are you eligible for financial support. 


Assisted living checklist 

  • Do you have personal care needs (if not sheltered accommodation could be considered) 
  • Location of complex – is it close to family/friends 
  • How will you fund the accommodation and care 
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