Top 10 products for arthritis
  1. Bio-freeze is an effective pain relief gel which is easy to apply and not greasy. Click here to view. 
  2. Thermoskin gloves provide warmth and compression to aid effective pain relief. Click here to view. 
  3. Palm support cane helps to spread the weight and pressure throughout the whole hand relieving pain. Click here to view. 
  4. Easy pour kettle tipper reduces the need to lift the kettle, reducing the risk of spills or burns. Click here to view. 
  5. Medi-popper makes getting pills out of the packet much easier, especially for those with reduced hand dexterity. Click here to view.
  6. Keywing’s provide additional grip and leverage to help make turning the key easier on the joints. Click here to view.
  7. Easy twist jar openers helps to direct the force through the palm of your hand rather than just through the fingers, making it easier to open jars. Click here to view.
  8. Easy grip and bendable cutlery helps to improve grips and allows for the cutlery to be adjusted to any angle, helping to reduce strain on the wrists. Click here to view.
  9. Tap turners make it much easier to turn taps on and off by using a pushing action rather than a turning action. Click here to view.
  10. Button, hook and zip pullers help when you are struggling to grip small items. Click here to view.


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