Tips for dressing with arthritis


It can be difficult to reach behind you if you have arthritis in your shoulders. A Buckingham bra buddy allows you to do up a bra at the front which may be useful, additionally a bra that does up at the front or a bralette may be other things to consider. Click here to view our bra buddy.


A button hook that helps you do up buttons can be tried, but it is difficult to use particularly if buttonholes are small. Gadgets like the button, hook and zip puller are great in assisting with this. Click here to view. 

Other alternatives include shirts that are made in a stretch fabric that can be put on over your head or shirts that have a Velcro or magnetic fastener. Please note magnetic fasteners should not to be used if you have a pacemaker fitted. 


An easi reach/grabber can help to ‘hook’ trouser legs over the feet and pull trousers up until you can reach them, however sometimes it is difficult to lift legs into trouser legs.

Another alternative is a trouser aid, however you would need to be able to release the clips to adjust the frame.  Click here to view.

An easi reach/grabber can also help to hook pants over feet if you cannot bend or reach your feet.


These can be difficult to put on if you can’t bend, reach your feet or have reduced hand function. There are numerous aids available, however they do generally take perseverance and patience to use them. Click here to view product.


These can be difficult to put on the same as socks; slip on, Velcro fastener or elastic/spring laces may be beneficial. A long-handled shoehorn may also help to get a shoe on. 

The key too using any aid is patience, practice and perseverance.

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