Tips for completing transfers with arthritis

Getting in and out of bed

Firstly make sure the bed is a good height for you. You need to be able to stand up and get your legs into bed. Bed raisers may be an option to raise the bed.

If you struggle to stabilise yourself when lifting legs into bed or struggle to get from lying to sitting, a bed rail may assist you. Click here to view product. 

An adjustable bed could also be considered. We do a great range of zero gravity adjustable beds. Click here to view our range.  

It is also so important to make sure you have a good supportive mattress. This  should be changed if it is sagging, uncomfortable or more that 10 years old. It is important to try a mattress out before buying it to make sure it is providing the right support for you.


Getting on and off a chair

Make sure that your chair is supportive and makes it easy for you to stand up. The seat should be deep enough to support your thighs when you sit as far back in the chair as possible. Make sure that the back rest supports all your back.

Use chair raisers to increase the height of your current chair if required. This may make getting off the chair easier. The height of the chair needs to be at least the height of your lower leg (from the bottom of your foot to behind your knee).

Some people like using a riser recliner chair as it allows them to change their position. The rise function should be used minimally to make sure leg muscles are still working when standing from the chair. Click here to view our riser recliner chair range.



If getting on/off the toilet is difficult/painful you could consider grab rails, a free-standing toilet frame, a raised toilet seat or a raised toilet seat and frame.

If you struggle to clean yourself after going to the toilet you could try a bottom wiping gadget or consider a shower toilet.

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