Yoga Poses for Improved Health

For many, the ageing process comes with inevitable inconveniences like joint pain, creaky bones and a lack of energy. However, getting older doesn't have to mean becoming less active. Seniors of all ability levels and ages can benefit from low-impact exercises like yoga.


A Place for Mom has compiled some of the most beneficial yoga poses seniors can do to relieve pain and improve their health. While there are many yoga poses that can be beneficial for senior health, these seven poses offer some amazing health benefits: Upward salute, Tree pose, Child's pose, Hero pose, Mountain pose, Savasana, Seated spinal twist.


Of course, it's important to make safety a top priority when exercising. Wear loose clothing and keep your surroundings clear of clutter to avoid a fall. In addition, remember never to push your body past its limit. If a specific pose causes pain or feels strained, stop! Ask a certified yoga trainer for help if you have any questions about how to perform a pose.


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