10 Things You Can Do To Help You Through The Isolation Period...
If you are currently experiencing the Government recommended isolation period, as a result of Coronavirus, then one of your biggest challenges might be what to do with all that time indoors. Hopefully, some of these will help you through it and perhaps even help you come out of it a little stronger and happier.
    1. Sign up to your local library for their free digital apps, most will allow you access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks for your phone or tablet. Also, some allow you to download and read your favourite magazines. Please note that these are library-specific but very worthwhile if you are one of the lucky ones.
    2. Keep a routine, if you're well enough of course. Make sure you get up, get dressed and plan your healthy meals for the day along with setting times. The scheduling will help you both physically and psychologically get through the day. Try and be as active as you can throughout the day, setting tasks (cleaning spare room etc.) so you get a sense of fulfillment out of your time. Finally, make sure you go to bed at a reasonable hour and do not binge watch into the small hours as this will have an inevitable knock-on effect on the following day.
    3. Why not get out in the garden and start a project? This will give you a purpose and something to proud of come the Summer! Why not Youtube some garden ideas, there's plenty out there.
    4. Get organised! Go through your insurances and make sure you are on the best deals possible - don't be afraid to use the comparison sites to save you time and money. Moneysupermarket is a great place to start.
    5. Check out your monthly balance sheet - I know I can hear you groan but stick with me I've got a great idea for all those saved ££££s. You won't have another opportunity like this to save yourself £100s a month. Why not plan a special treat for when the pandemic is all over with your savings. What more inspiration do you need?
    6. There's nothing worse than being consigned to bed for the duration. Here are some great free links where you can enjoy boxsets and vintage films for free. BBCiplayer, All4,Talking Pictures TV.  Or our personal favourite the British Pathe archive on YouTube.
    7. If you have a Smartphone why not video phone your friends and relatives - there's nothing like really connecting with someone visually to lift your spirits and theirs too! Great for Grandparents and Grandchildren who might be struggling with why they can't see Nanny and Grandad at the weekend.
    8. Restrict yourself from watching 24-hour rolling news as this will get you anxious. Watch only the evening news to get an updated analysis as it's important to keep up to date.
    9. Why not finally get all that stuff you've been hoarding for years listed on eBay or Gumtree? Again plan something nice with your new-found wealth!
    10. Stay safe and remember 'you are the vaccine' - safe distancing and social isolation when you have any of the symptoms are key for you, your friends and family staying healthy through this.
Let us know below any other ideas you may have we would love to share with the Springchicken community.

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