VE Day – Photographs and Memories.

As with all historic occasions often the real feeling can only be relayed by those that were there.

Luckily, many in our Spring Chicken community have commented on our Facebook page to give us a real sense of the relief, the victory and the joy of VE Day first hand.  

“It was the day my mum picked to tell her mother that I was expected. Simply because as it was a day for rejoicing she thought her mother would accept the news favourably. The feeling at the time was don't have any more babies till after the war. Also, my husband was born on VE day.” – Lesley

Lesley’s story show’s that British life carries on regardless and Happy Birthday to Lesley’s husband! 

“We had a street party & wounded soldiers were invited, they wore blue uniforms. I was 9 & my sister 8. I still have the photo of my mum & all the neighbours. Wavertree. Liverpool.” – Sylvia

It’s funny the things that stay with us from big occasions and it’s not always what you would think. Sylvia’s recollection of the blue uniforms probably of the RAF pilots that played such a major role in the victory and that paid a huge price in the process.

I remember the street party and bonfire. We as children had sweets and ice cream (made from custard powder), tasted marvellous” – Mary

Whilst there wasn’t much to celebrate due to the ongoing price of war and rationing Mary recounts the resourcefulness of a generation. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

 “I remember how we all were in UPPER WESTON VILLAGE IN BATH all dressed up in fancy dress and so happy but my brother Bill was still abroad - how people helped each other in them days.” – Kathleen

Even though this was a celebration, the gut-wrenching fear and worry would take a while to pass. As for many, including Kathleen, their loved ones were still abroad and true victory would only be celebrated upon their return.  

And finally

Winston Churchill: "My dear friends, this is your hour. This is not victory of a party or of any class. It’s a victory of the great British nation as a whole.”

Why don’t you let us know your memories below to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day

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I remember it well I was 10 and we had a lovely street party. My Brother should have come home for it but his leave was deferred for 2 weeks. Unfortunately he got killed in his lorry as he was in the RASC during his deferment travelling from Holland into Belgium to celebrate with a family he knew. He had gone through the war so he had a military burial in the war cemetery in Holland. Tomorrow on VE day I shall be singing all the old songs that my dad sang to us as he was a soldier in the war and lost a leg at the Somme.

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