Making lockdown happier: Our Occupation Therapist's 10 top tips

It is a strange and surreal time, as we are all battling the impact of Covid-19.  For the elderly or those in 'high risk' categories, this time can be particularly worrying and difficult as care and support from agencies, family and friends can be affected.  Below we offer some advice to help keep you safe and active during these times and in the future.

Comfortable seating

Having a good chair at home is so important to help get rid of unnecessary neck and back pain. It helps maintain good posture and ensure we feel comfortable for longer. Many of us may find we are spending much longer sitting in our chairs at home and therefore having a comfortable and supportive chair is more essential than ever.
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Keeping on top of medication

If you usually benefit from a gentle reminder to take your medication but your support network and routine has been affected, handy devices such as an automatic pill dispenser will help you keep on top of your medication, allowing you to take the right amount at the right time.
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Getting a good nights sleep

As we all know, getting a good nights sleep is essential to all aspects of our wellbeing.  Current events have been causing many of us to have sleepless nights, therefore it is important we look at how to create a more enticing sleep environment.  Adjustable beds can help us to achieve a much more comfortable sleeping position, helping to relax our minds and bodies, ready for sleep.
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Keeping our minds active

As our diaries have diminished, keeping busy is really important in helping to establish a routine throughout the day, as well as keeping our mind’s working.  A jigsaw can be the perfect option for keeping our hands and minds occupied.
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Preventing falls at home

There is no good time to have a fall, but right now it feels more daunting than ever.  Simple pieces of equipment can dramatically decrease the risk of falls at home such as a non-slip bathroom mat, supportive shoes and suitable lighting. 
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Getting around the house

Pushing yourself to get up and about may feel more unnerving in the current climate, however, keeping mobile and active around the house is important for not only your physical but also your mental health.  Using aids such as kitchen trolley’s or rollators can provide you with some additional confidence and support.
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Starting a new hobby

Spending hours indoors can be the perfect time to muster some motivation to start a new hobby such as gardening. It may not initially appear like the idea choice for most, particularly if you have difficulties kneeling down or bending over, but there are plenty of aids to assist you. Using a rolling work seat and long handed garden aids can make gardening accessible for many. 
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Managing the stairs

Stairs can be an excellent form of exercise but for some they present a risk and can wipe out energy reserves.  With time on our hands, it is an opportunity to speak to professionals about options available, to assist us with accessing the stairs at home, easier and more safely.

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Keeping up exercise

For those who struggle to get out and about without support for their daily exercise, maintaining exercise indoors is important.  Using exercise equipment such as mini exercise bikes can help to maintain strength and encourage circulation.
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Getting out and about

For some of us walking distances outside can be difficult and present some risk, however, as summer is nearly upon us, it is important we are all able to enjoy some time outside.  Using an electric wheelchair can help you travel much further distances, helping you regain back that independence.

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