Can I fly with my powerchair or scooter?

It won't give you wings, but you can probably take it on a plane.

Lightweight folding powerchairs and scooters are perfect for those who love to travel. They can be used indoors and out, they're quick to fold and can easily fit inside a car boot. 

How do I take it on an airplane?

The first step is to establish if your batteries are suitable for taking on a plane. Typically, lithium batteries are fitted to new lightweight 'travel' models of powerchair and scooters. 

Lithium batteries must conform to a series of regulations that the Civil Aviation Authority detail.

  1. At the earliest possible stage, inform your airline that you are travelling with  a powerchair/scooter. You can do this by sending an email or calling them directly.
  2. Ask your airline how best to travel with your batteries. Some may ask you to package your batteries individually, but others may have different guidelines.
  3. If you think you will be charging your batteries while you are away, remember to purchase the correct plug adapter for your destination. You can buy these from Argos, Amazon, and a range of different supermarkets.
  4. Check where your batteries should be kept when flying.
  5. Relax and get ready to enjoy your holiday!
We have a whole range of airline friendly powerchairs and scooters.

Here are a few of our most popular products:

Automatic Folding Scooters At the touch of a button, these scooters fold into a compact form. The batteries for both the Urban Trio and the Urban Quattro are suitable for air-travel.

Joy Rider 2.0 The Joy Rider looks great, is really simple to fold and is comfortable to sit in. The lithium-ion battery will take you around 8 miles and is suitable for airline travel. Click here to view the Joy Rider 

Freedom range

Our Freedom chairs are popular because theyre comfortable, easy to fold and they come with a soft carry case for protection. All Freedom batteries are the same and each will take you up to 9 miles. They're suitable for air travel, and the CAA legislation indicates that you can take 2 with you. The A06/L can hold 2 batteries, and the A08/L can hold 3. With the 3, you get the maximum range of 27 miles.



We highly recommend taking the time to read the Civil Aviation Authority's advice on travelling with mobility equipment and batteries. Please note, the following link offers "batters" in the list, but you should carry on down to "wheelchairs and mobility aids powered by lithium batteries/non-spillable acid or alkali batteries".


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