World War II 'War Games' -  How We Entertained Ourselves.

During the dark days of the last war, families amused themselves by playing games that were often topical. Many of these related to the RAF, such as Bomber Command, Air-scouts and Hurricanes and Spitfires - 'The alarm has sounded. Observers have reported that enemy bombers, protected by fighters, are approaching to attack the aerodrome. You and the other players are pilots who will take off to attack and shoot down the enemy machines."

'The most amusing ever card game' was, apparently, Vacuation; a game full of evacuees with funny names like Nobby Nitwit, Eddy Earwig and Gertie Guggle. Another 'amusing game ideal for black-out evenings' was 'Hang your washing on the Siegfried Line'. Players were blindfolded and then attempted to pin a piece of washing on the line - not unlike the Victorian game of sticking the tail on the donkey.

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