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Many of us will remember one of the early bars of milk chocolate, Fry's 5 Boys, which was launched in 1902 but to begin with was simply called Fry's Milk Chocolate.

To promote this bar, Fry's used an advertisement that had been popular since 1886, and some years later the chocolate became know as Fry's 5 Boys.

How many can remember the sequence of the boy's expressions?

Desperation, Pacification, Expectation, Acclamation, Realisation - it's Fry's.


By the 1960s the brand was in decline as more and more chocolate temptations arrived, and in 1970 Fry's revamped the wrapper, but to no avail and soon after it was withdrawn. What a pity.

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Margaret Kidney.nee rowles

My dad bought my brother Kenaneth and I a bar of five boys chocolate every week on payday.and would leave it in our rooms in evening when we were asleep,and it was the first thing we saw in the morning…special and happy days,we thought we were rich…..


This was the best. I used to get it from a vending machine on Covent Garden railway station. They don’t make ’em like that anymore…


My late grandmother used to buy me this chocolate bar. I’m 75 now and gran passed on over 50 years ago.

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