What was your must have Annual?

Annuals, as the name suggests, were usually a gift for the new year, a concept that goes back to a time when mass publishing was just beginning. By the 1970s, annuals were inevitably associated with television programmes, films or pop stars. This batch cover Catweazle played by Geoffrey Bayldon, the Goodies whose madness lasted from 1970 to 1977, Blue Peter's rival Magpie (1968-1980), Dad's Army that took time for it to be fully appreciated (1968-77) and It's A Knockout (1966-87) which peaked in 1979 with 15 million viewers. On the pop scene, it was the Osmonds whose music reached new heights in 1976.

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I had an annual every Christmas depending on what age I was There was Twinkle Rupert Bear,Black Beauty tv series and Bunty

Tom O'Hara

I have four 1950’s annuals: Tiger 1958 & 1959; Lion 1958 and Roy of the Rovers 1959. All cost cost 7shillings and 6pence (37.5p in today’s money). I also have "The Best of Eagle Annual – 1951 to 1959’ though this was bought in about 1990 for £14.95.

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