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It seems Germolene as we remember it is no longer available over the counter and it has been this way since 2014. The distinctive pink ointment scented with oil of wintergarden has been replaced by a less distinctive white cream what a shame! For many, it was the smell of our childhood.  The puckering ping of that tin lid revealed a halo of pink. Deliciously medicinal it polished up my nostrils but now it's been lost in a knee-stinging, coal-fire mist. Anon

Here are just a few Spring Chicken memories of the product.

"My dad took a tin with him during the war, after long marches he used it on his feet. Swore by it, and always had a tin when we were growing up. Smelt lovely!" "It was brilliant when my late husband and I used to go to Tunisia, we were friends with one of the boatmen who was married to an English girl and he always asked us to fetch tins of it out. His wife used to treat all the kid's cuts with it." "Yes it seems like it was the only medicinal product around and was used for cuts and grazes and I think people used it to get rid of hemorrhoids. If you had a small amount of it applied you would smell for hours and hours." "My mum swore by it, one of her three she swore by. The others were Witch Hazel and White oils (if my son got hurt at football he'd say don't tell nan she'll put the stuff on it. It stunk)." "This reminds me of when we lived in flats in Kirkby and we had an open fire and our budgie just flew into it we were all crying we were only little kids we all thought the poor thing would die but my lovely mum covered it in Germolene. Thankfully it survived and went on to live to about ninety in budgie years, haha my mum always had this."
I love the smell of this, when I stayed with my gran she used to rub it on my chest in the winter.
"Still use the cream but remember the ointment well, my mam swore by it with camphorated oil rubbed on the chest. Don't get me started on goose grease!!!"
Let us know your memories.
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Terry Smart,

Mum would use Germolene on any Cuts Grazes it did the Trick every time , thank Mum,

Kathryn Moxey

I still use it, you can buy it in tubes now like squeezy toothpaste, more modern but still just as effective and it still smells the same.

Pam Thorley

I love the stuff. Always works no matter what you use it for. Why can’t we have it any more?
Dreadful news, I always bought heaps when I went home for a visit, and think it should be back on the shelves.

Brian Sutton

germolene my mum always had a tin handy in her cabinet loads of uses

Elizabeth Labrow

Who could forget Germalene and it’s wonderful, recognisable smell

Judith Povey

Kaolin and morphine was a life saver for a bad upset tummy. We also miss glycerin of thymol. Wonderful for sore throats etc. No one knows what it is now!

Ann Jean Harrison

were are on holiday Lock down in Turkey but we still get pink germolene in a soft tube, We even use it on the dogs when they get cuts and grazes xxx

Alex Cameron-Prowse

Love the smell, just looking at the image, I can smell it !

Jean Hinchliffe

If anyone in our family had a upset tummy or just feeling off colour ,like when you went on holiday and a change of water myMother used to give us Indian brandy it was a funny taste not nice but it always worked .you can still get it today it’s hard to find ,only selling in a chemist.

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